Friday, January 2, 2015

Rosy pinky cold dye - 粉紫色染布

To start the new year 2015 with soft landing - cold dye of pinky rose with pomegranate.  This  pinky chiffon was made with the easy and eco pomegranate dye.
 粉紫色的雪紡來自石檔汁液, 一個簡易的植物印染開始我 2015的 "粉紫溫柔" 一天.
 Last March when I was in Tel Aviv I strolled along the promenade, there're stalls of fresh pomegranate press juice.
 I bought one.  About one and half the fruit of a pomegranate to make a cup of the fresh juice, Sweet and tasty.
These days here the markets have many big and juicy imported pomegranates.  I tried the cold dye simply squeezed the seeds to get the red juice then mixed with little vinegar to dye the chiffon. 
Fabric was soaked with diluted vinegar water.  First put the half length to soak the red dye then again the one third length into the dye for overnight soaking.  I done two pieces to see the outcome.
 Mogi helped the lining.  Gradation from plain to purple.
Mogi found his haven
Dyes dispersed on this piece with marble pattern
This is accidentally effect from the dyes I soaked twice so dyes dispersed like marble
The long one with half the length gradation

He's napping and dreaming what to do next
Mogi, "what's mum's resolution this year?"
Mum, "playing with color, wool and travel are on my radar........."

Simple steps of pomegranate cold dye.
For my 3 yards of chiffon I squeeze one pomegranate seeds by hand, then mixe 4 spoon of vinegar.  Spraye silk chiffon with vinegar and put into the juice overnight.
Take it out but do not rinse out juice.  Better flat dry in air shade. If the fabric is boiled color becomes earthy.  
This is my first time of cold dyed silk chiffon with pomegranate juice.  Thought that for this kind of dye will not last too long but I will do something of not frequent washing.  Will see how it will be........


  1. A fun and lovely experiment..and you jkow I love seeing Mogi as helper and in his haven!! Happy New year, dear Terriea and here's to much joy with wool, color, travel..

    1. Thank you Ginny. Always love your sweet comments. Wish you a healthy and creative year 2015.

  2. I have a pomegranate in my kitchen right now and a roll of silk chiffon on my table! I will have to try this. Thank you for sharing and I hope your 2015 travels bring you to the U.S. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Kim. Cold dye with pomegranates is easy and fun to play on silk. The more crimson the juice the more strong purple the dye on fabric. Do not add water but only a few spoons of vinegar. Hope you find it lovely and wish we could meet some day in your State.

  3. Hi Terriea, any news on the stability of the pomegranate cold dyed fabric yet? Love it and thNks for sharing


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