Friday, January 9, 2015

Nuno felt scarf of pomegranate dyed 石榴汁染雪紡混纖絲巾

 I done experiment of pomegranate juice cold dye with silk chiffon.  Last post  shows quite nice pink-purple.  I tested color fastness by making a nuno felt scarf.
早前的雪紡石榴汁染布 (前網誌), 製作成 nuno felt 絲巾的實驗, 知悉染上的色素經過皂水及溫水處理已轉化淺色, 個人結論是石榴汁染色素不太持久, 輕輕洗滌尚可, 加熱洗熨也會變成蝦肉色. 要是保存粉紫, 祗作絲巾衣飾之用,
Put some eco dyed scraps with purple merino wool to seal the edge
After rubbing, rolling and fulling..... all done.  The pink chiffon base faded out to light purple !!
But the original pink habotai turned to purple.  See comparison the "before & after" images above.
Based on own experiment, thought dyes of pomegranate with soap changed pH due to alkaline and warm water. 


Though not as what I wanted to get the original purple, it's an experiment to know cold dye of pomegranate.
If I do not do anything with this dyed chiffon, no wool felt, no press with iron, no wash with warm water..... the bright color stays longer.
Anyway it's a testing.


  1. Podoba mi się nawet po wyblaknięciu.
    Mój kot też lubi plątać się w tkaninach na suszarce.
    Pozdrówki i pogłaskanki.


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