Friday, January 9, 2015

Hiking 2015 started with the "Back Garden of Hong Kong - Sai Kung 西貢大浪西之行

Sai Kung Tai Long Wan with the Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖) behind.

To escape from the hustle and bustle, what's more pleasant for me is hiking. Since last June I joined the hiking team for the every Friday outing, I enjoy so much our stunning scenery.  Hong Kong is small  but with steps away brilliant greenery. The vast land and sea area of the  Sai Kung Peninsula remains untouched by urbanisation. 
Today we started the trail in Sai Kung - the "Back Garden" of Hong Kong, 
不管是東南西北, 香港的郊野景色怡人, 是日周五行山徑是西貢大浪西, 三個多小時的行程在清爽天氣下輕鬆地上山、 踏沙, 留下美景。
Trail started from the Sai Wan Pagoda
Up and down the trail.....
along the mountain......
 stepped the fine sand of the beach.....
We arrived the Tai Long Wan, ideal for campers...
The climbed up the hill to the other bay...
Gazing cows as free as us.....
Campers were already there last night
Crossed the wooden bridge leading to the other side of the bay
Cows sun bathing in the warm day
We're onwards along the coastal line
Abandoned village since people gone to the town for works and living some years ago.
Ruins with views inside out
The tranquility we can feel
No matter which direction, Hong Kong is a brilliant city with stunning views everywhere.


  1. It's so good to see sunshine, even if it's on the web!

  2. I a so glad you visited me today, I thought you were not blogging anymore, your posts are not coming up on my blog list! I have thought of you often wondering how you are , such a beautiful country you live in, its a wonderful combination of city but a vast amount of nature as well, the water is so blue and that white sand, oh my,,,,I have so much catching up to do,

    1. Thanks for coming back. Love to read your blog and your updates.

  3. Ah-I see that Hong Kong has wonderful hiking and views-just like Vermont!


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