Sunday, December 7, 2014

Can't resist the bounty of nature 大自然的色調怎能抗拒

 I said I was tired of eco prints and need a break. As I wanted to learn acrylic painting for the colourful instant outcome.  However not long for a while I can't resist the bounty of nature and done a few again.
 For the few sessions of learning I enjoyed so much the colors playing.  In the meantime........

 the day after strong wind I passed by the bush of eucalyptus I found lots of wind blown branches with buds on the ground.  
Can't resist to take home otherwise it would be disposed of.
On my Friday hiking last I also found some windfalls of euc and some local sweet gum.
Our sweet gum are still green because of warm weather.
Can't resist to do again eco prints.  Put a few pines, some euc and a rose.
After two hours of bundle boiling of the wool flannel, opened with delight.
The bright and bold of eco collected on Friday hiking
The buds of this euc are brown. I never know which one gives red or brown as they're picked on ground. That's the challenge!
Rose petals purple as wished
I lined with backing then a wall hanging or a table runner is made.
Clos up of the prints..... Casaurina pines and euc.
Rose petals and rose leaves

Euc with buds 

Approved by Mogi
Territorial Mogi, he owns everything!  Whatever new stuff I put on the floor he occupies it right away.
Before and After
This is another printing with local sweet gum and the euc with smaller buds. I'll make it another tapestry.
Fresh buds are rare to get thanks to strong wind I can pick from ground.
I used some other euc with iron mordant to make my Tuscany theme. Another prints to follow later.
"Mum said she can't resist the bounty of nature and will do constantly eco prints while learning colorful painting. Enjoy your cappu and thanks for stopping by"


  1. Lovely to see your euca windfall and beautiful prints; Good to see the official "approver"..and glad you are exploring the acrylics too! xx

  2. Delightful - bright and cheerful!

  3. Hello Terriea, my dear friend. I am so happy you took some of your time to come by and leave a comment on my blog. I am so far behind. Even when I get time I am then so tired and wore out. Everyone who blogs knows that it takes time to sit down and write of events. I have not been able to give my undivided attention or to make an effort to do this. It would seem when I do that something always disrupts my plans. I hope some time this week I can do what I have promised and do some sharing of what is happening here. I have a ton of photos to share and it may take all day to download them. I will first have to clean a few older ones from my pc because it is suffering with the load already on here. Until then I say to you be well, and enjoy each day to the fullest.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Every so Beautiful Terreia. It would make a beautiful table runner or draped over a buffet or dresser. I love pieces that are unique and one of a kind. You just can't beat made by hand. You mentioned above that you boiled the piece. What makes you decide whether or not you are going to boil it or steam it? Different results?
    By the way, I am wearing the lovely vest you made to a luncheon with friends today. So excited to show them your stunning work and one of a kind piece :)

  5. Glad that Linda you love the printed vest I made. Yes it's the one and only one piece of each print. I usually boil the bundles instead of steam. For steam no water immersed, only steam. Prints should be clear and no not obvious tie lines. But for me I wrapped very tightly with microwave heat resist wrap so no water getting in but both ways have to damp the fabric before bundling so get moisture while heating.


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