Friday, December 12, 2014

Barks and leaves prints 樹皮配葉印畫

 Eucalyptus printing is such fun to play with.  We can make color from barks to leaves.
Come and have tea.  I show  you the brief making of the placemats.
從樹皮到葉子每片都 "出色" , 桉樹 (尤加利) 由始都是我的至愛植染, 加上印在羊毛绒布上更明顯, 做了四片同系墊子或作掛畫, 
對著墊子, 一口清茶, 讚嘆桉印染的奧妙........
 See that impatient brat...... but he's my good company for shots.
 The wool flannel is a wonderful fabric to take the pigment. So I put the euc leaves and tree barks to form my desired layout.
 After 1.5 hours bundle boiling,  came out quite bold prints but too plain.
So, I put a few pine needles and rose leaves to make a better look.  The right one is the outcome.
 Same for the the above one and the other two pieces, I put the same pines and rose leaves to change the look.  They're boiled again for another hour.
 Then came out better and I back each with dark brown fabric.
 Sewed the fabric with the printed wool flannel.
(Have to bear with this brat even in my cramped workspace)
Made a set of four different layout botanical printed placemats.
Thought it also looks good as wall hanging.
Eucalyptus is such a pretty tree to give different shades and shapes of prints.  Loving it.....
Fingers crossed if I put this set on my ETSY or for a planned project coming soon.
"Behave brat !"
But he's sometimes such a great observant !!
I'm making another piece of wall hanging used pine needles and euc for the layout.
Stay tuned for my next post.


  1. There is such variety in the eucalyptus prints!

    1. That's true eucalyptus is a wonderful printing medium.

  2. My favorite furry helper and a fun project; I am glad you are still being inspired by the euca!

    1. Thank you Ginny you love my fluffy ball. Yes I'm almost addicted to euc.


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