Friday, November 7, 2014

Wool felt textures from one piece to 3 objects 質感的羊毛製作

Following my last post  of making a nuno felt multi-styled scarf-vest from a flat sheet, I used the scraps cut from that fabric corners to make other nuno felt textures - a 3D vessel and a hat. 
從原片布料到剩餘碎料的混纖羊毛製作, 前後做了被肩, 質感的帽子及立體瓶子.
 Patterns of the whole viscose of scarf-vest look like sea and swirls.  I added the curly Teeswater fleece to make the wave look.
 So I wanted the vessel also with the theme of wave and sea but with raw textures.  This was the layout. 
   The silly boy was loyal to safe guard the vessel drying
Somehow the outcome is not what I expected the "waves & blue water".
but the raw textures are fine.  The problem was I layered the whole template with all brown Finn wool before covering with the fabric.  So after rubbing the brown fleece come out and covered the fabric.
Anyway the earthy surface is OK

 So a 3D vessel is made with nuno felt viscose
 The stopper removable
 From the experience of the vessel making, I got what to improve.  I used the leftover of scraps to make a hat of same theme "waves & water".  The part with fabric covered was all white Finn.
The textures of the finished hat is clear.
 The three pieces of the same theme but different use - a decor vessel, a hat and a scarf-vest.
 "Can't you see me?"
A hat is light but warm in the walking.


  1. Love the hat - it has turned out beautifully!

  2. Super komplet i inspiracja oraz wykonanie.

  3. Both beautiful and very artistic :)

  4. Great uses of your fabric....I love them all.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Wish that if chances allow I can learn from you the making of your awesome style of hats.


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