Friday, November 14, 2014

Treasure hunt in the wood 叢林中寶物

 Walking in the wood in fall not only leaves foliage found but tree barks are changing their "cloth".  Foliage are not to sweep away.  They're bounty of nature and treasures fo me.
秋天的叢林, 雖則落葉片片, 樹皮換裝, 這可是我的寶物, 也為家居餐卓加添秋冬景致, 做了一片植物印染卓布.

 I want to "paint my brush" with the fall color.......
The day I went to the train station near my former office premises. I walked into the bush to collect theses euc blown off leaves and tree barks.  Together with other tree branches and leaves I bundle boiled on wool flannel.  Here came the "picture".........


The "Before & After" comparison......
Red maple has no color but the outline
 Three barks and branches of euc are pretty nice orange or brownish
I lined the backing with dark brown fabric and the back with loops so that can be a wall hanging or a table runner. 
 The final touch with my label is always the happy moment.
 So....  a picture of my "bush with autumn trees"
 A wall hanging or a table runner of "nature's bounty" will be a nice home decor.
                                                               Red and White on the "Golden Bush"
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This table runner is available in my ETSY


  1. It makes a fine table runner, I agree!

  2. beautiful work ! <3
    did you just boil the bundle ?
    nothing else but boil ?
    thanks in advance :)


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