Saturday, November 22, 2014

Make the days brighter 繽紛色彩

 I've been doing eco prints for the recent two years. I got some colorful natural dyeing and printings but It takes a few hours for the process to make prints.    Know that all come from nature - the natural leaves prints and the natural dyes.  The prints are bounty of nature, subtle and one-of-a-kind. Sometimes I feel daunting for outcomes not as expected.
Today I lined for the shots.  Mogi found it a shelter. Did he like my works? 
雖然我的天然印染也有豐富色彩, 有紅, 、 有紫、 有黃花、 有綠葉、有線條.....但製作過程需時, 效果有時未如意, 偶有失望. 我的貓兒在我的布料中, 有何感覺 ?
 Purple logwood shibori dye, heart-shaped and bold red euc.
 Casaurina (pines)
 Turmeric yellow
 Bold prints of camellia
All looks colorful already but I wanted to paint and get the immediate visual outcome.   Today I started the learning from basic. I like acrylic as it has the effect of watercolor and I'll apply the painting for my fabric art. 
 My second class of painting this.  I enjoyed so much and it made my colorful day.   
今日我上課學塑膠彩繪, 也好享受繽紛色彩, 我會利用這彩繒技巧運用於布藝創新上.


  1. Very good progress for your second day - well done!

    1. Thank you Rachel. I really like the instant outcome of color painting.

  2. Ever so beautiful! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Your images are great.


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