Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wool felt Christmas bells making 羊毛聖誕鐘製作

 Christmas is around the corner.  Yap it rings my bell. 
Ding.... made a few ornaments for the festive ambiance.
又到聖誕, 又到聖誕.......聽聽我的鈴聲......製作歡樂.....製造喜悅....

Colorful wool felted bells against the pure white fleece hanging
 But also good for Mogi's shelter deco.
 He stares at the string.....
 Oh no, don't grab it !  No prob. They're easy to make.
I cut the foam template, enclosed with wool, rubbed and rolled a while, then cut in half and shaped on top of a pen cab or a small bottle.  That's it.

 Tie on the rope make it a string. Tiny wool felted bells I made and the pine cones my mother collected in her area.This year Christmas in my yard.
Made a small one for the white angel.  More than enough to make a Christmas decoration with these little ornaments.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel. Yes cute little things to make t festive season.

  2. Terriea, I so love my little bells I still have them hanging in my living room, Think of you everytime I look at them. Violet Rose did get one of them but I rescued it, it fell to the floor as I was hanging them up and what ever hits the floor she thinks is hers! Thanks again


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