Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cat bed of own DNA 貓貓"洞"

"What's this hallow thing? "
每日梳理貓貓, 何不為牠做一件 "個人" 物品過這冬日 !
 Mogi, "Hmmmmm.....  something sense familiar."
Yeap, the cat bed wet felted with Mogi's hair - his own DNA.
 "Does it fit me?" Mogi curious.
 "Let me try...."
 "Yeap, barely fits me."
 Shelter just good for winter
 "Mum you should have made it bigger so that I can move around."
 May be it's good as a chair mattress?
 Oh yeah, raw fleece is wonderful to work with and mattress is warm in the coming cold days.
 Since four years when Mogi was small I've been saving his hair after combing. With lots of the bits and bats of my wool felt projects, I came up to make a cat bed with all these.
 The enclosed resist all covered with raw fleece, the dark brown fleece was quite coarse so I mixed it with Mogi's hair.  His hair is so fine and soft.  Thought some less then 21m.  The white cat shape is all with his hair.
 I intended to make the cat shape firmer and stitched the face.
The bed with no name but surely with Mogi's DNA. It's his own bed.
 His contribution to my creation not only the bed but also this wall hanging. 
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  1. Love the sight of Mogi sheltering in his own igloo!

  2. Wyszło świetnie.
    Ja też zrobiłam Miłkowi jamę, na jego powitanie. Teraz jest też za mała i potraktował ją jako siedzisko do łapania ptaków zaokiennych. Też wyczesuję jego kłaki, poza garścią kulek, które się świetnie filcują w samych rękach, mam jedną torebkę wyczesanych kudłełków, ale jeszcze bez pomysłu.
    Pozdrówki i pogłaskanki.

    1. It's fun to play something with own cats' hair. A shelter for them is funny.

  3. You have inspired me yet again Terri. I have saved our cats fur too...we have a very furry one like Mogi and a shorter haired one too...one very soft, the other a little coarser. I made a tiny little heart first, then a bigger heart & then last night I made a 3 1/2 " square. Now it is time to start working on the baggie full of fur saved over the years. Love Mogis DNA bed. Well done!!!

  4. Eliene, cats' fur is fun to play with. Even coarser you can mix with a little soft ones to felt together. Enjoy your creation.

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