Monday, August 11, 2014

Commission order - botanical printed yardage for kH 植物印染布料

 Mogi, "Mum's doing a commission order of botanical printed yardages for client kH who has two kitties - Foxy Lady and Peaches.  The silk yardages with the two shadows."
Yes, kH and friend of dS (my last two posts for her two orders).  They love my botanical printed silk fabrics and wanted to have the same autumn look curtains.
dH wanted two pieces

 Here're two along - fallen leaves on the ground
 Before & after of yardage one
 Before & After of yardage two
They're also printed with windfalls picked on hiking and some euc bought from florist. 
Color of shades are with iron and alum mordant.
Pictures speak themselves.......

 "Hey, waiting for client's approval and ready to ship."
 My clients Dawn and Karen live in Arizona.  They've a silver dollar eucalyptus planted in the yard.  They're so sweet to name the tree after my name "Terriea" in honor of my sharing of common interest with them.  Oh, such an honor and delighted if one day I'm sitting in the shade with the ladies and their girls .....
The cats are walking to the States soon......


  1. These are as lovely as the other set!
    The addition of the two little kitties is wonderful :)
    I'm sure she will love them!

  2. And what a wonderful excuse for a nice long walk, collecting the materials!


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