Monday, May 5, 2014

Wool felt scarf with friends 與好友製作羊毛圍巾

This day, my good ex-colleague Florence and her sister Grace came to learn wool felting. Florence wanted to make a pure merino wool scarf while Grace wanted to do a nuno felt and both turned to botanical printed scarfs.


Wool layering takes time. Take a break, take a shot with my fluffy.
After 2.5 hours rubbing and rolling. Scarfs finished. They put assorted rose and euc leaves and bundle boiled for 1.5 hours, ready to open ........

Brownish / orange of euc in the first sight

Bright red of euc silver dollar and a little green of rose leaves. Pretty scarfs they made.
It was their first time learning about wool felt and natural print so we only done the simple flat sheet felting and dipped leaves in vinegar without mordants.

Although it was their first time of doing, they managed quite well pulling and layering wool. I asked if they're tired of rubbing and rolling, they said not at all and found interesting.  Even bought some materials for home practice. 

Well done Florence and Grace. Thanks for coming.


  1. lovely ladies with beautiful creations, your work is beautiful, so organic, connected to nature,I love that,

  2. A successful and productive day!

  3. Looks like a productive and fun day for Florence and grace..they are likely delighted with their work and the process..and it is always nice to see you and your "fluffy"!


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