Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wool Lamp & Wool Teapot

The gifts from my blog friend Judy of  CJStitchingandblooming are so nice. She gave me such lovely wool, shell, beads and yarns.  I used them to make this LED lamp shade.

The body of the shade is lace. Put the LED lamp under it glows.

These are the lovely wool, shell,  yarn and beads. I made this with enclose resist. Layered wool over the resist with both sides bigger rims.  Scattered little yarns to make it colorful.
Embellished with the turquoise beads 

 The shade is simple and easy to make.  Put the LED lamp under to make it glow is safe.
A simple home decoration

After the lamp shade, I made a mini teapot with nuno felt body.

Both sides of the teapot with stopper. Really love Judy's hand spinned yarn. It makes sheen and textures.  Thanks Judy for the beautiful gifts.

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  1. Oh, Wow Terriea, what a absolutely stunning LED lamp.. Love it. I love how you incorperated the Tyvek Beads I made you and the Sea Shells from Florida into it. Sooooooooooooooooo perfect in every way. And the Wee Teapot is most precious. The Hand Dyed and Spun Art yarn is simple gorgeous weaved into it. So very very lovely.. You are a very talented and creative lady. Hugs Judy


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