Saturday, March 29, 2014

Set of Awesome Chamomile Dyer 黃花印染

Now is spring in Israel. The yellow Chamomile blooming everywhere. The bright yellow is a good print on silk. 

I tried on paper as well. With other leaves I made a batch of paper prints in Irit Dulman's workshop.
Not more than an hour boiling, came the batch of lovely prints..........each of different layout.

The left is prints on silk, others are paper.  Such a good trial with Chamomile
Before and after on knitted silk

Set of paper and silk prints. Camomile Dyer, I love it to die.


  1. such a fun trip and learning from dear Irit. I love the prints on the silk jersey, cut two holes and you have a nice flowing dress. Cant wait to see the result of your other big project.

  2. Hello Terriea, Your chamomile dying experiment is truly lovely.. I can tell you love dying. Hugs judy

  3. Lovely - the colours are so vibrant!

  4. I sit in awe of your lovely hand made wearable treasures. I am always interested in what you can come up with next.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Striking!! Outstanding!! So beautiful beyond words!!!


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