Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jute tote bag enhanced 美化黃麻袋

Again I received a complimentary jute tote bag for my wool order from World of Wool.  That's my second bag I did something to enhance from plain to colorful.
One side done with embroidery.....   
the other side of Indian silk with my leaves prints - fabric given by my facebook friend while we're doing natural prints in Canada last Nov.
一個平凡的黃麻布袋贈品, 加點新意, 用零碎羊毛及自家印染碎布料, 隨意做些剌繡就成為獨特的購物手提袋.
This is the original jute bag received, just plain without pockets but it's good of natural materials

 I got from stash the jute square bought years ago,  tore the "not-so-good" natural printed silk scraps into strips and some bits & bobs of wool felt.....
 Started the stitches / embroidery....
I've no idea of stitches, just done the "loose and twisted knots", may be I call them "crazy knots". I squeezed the crinkle chiffon to make the sheep body and black wool for the head.
My blog friends Rachel (Virtuosewadventures) and Judy (Stitching & Blooms) do amazing stitches & embroidery.  They're inspiring. 
 With little water wet felted the green wool for grasses and leaves.
Fixed the leaves firmly with the jute string pulled from the edges of the jute fabric.
 The ground and tree trunks are of silk strips, theh bits of red wool to make it colorful.
Final touch with brushes of acrylic painting on the surface - my graffiti !
Assessed by Mogi...
till he's pleased with it.....
Sewing it...... again monitored by the brat .
Almost finished
First off tested by the brat...... make sure it's firm and in good shape. 
Yap, it's sturdy and strong enough to carry lots of these books.
Enough room for shopping and with the isolated pockets for wallets, keys or phone, this is a all purposes tote bag.
 I'm pleased with the original shape that I can easily sew the hemp and silk fabrics on both sides, then the inside pocket.

A tote bag with few pockets
Enhanced  two bags of both sides.
That's it, how easy to transform to an OOAK bag !
Today I went to an island for the shots together with a natural printed art book.  A girl was so interested in the pages of leaves prints.  Details of making the art book in the coming days.


  1. the bags are amazing, I love the landscape with the sheep, beautifu creations!!!!!!

  2. Очень интересная и креативная идея оформления сумок! И чудесная пушистая помощница))

  3. Your are so talented! Very beautiful bags.

  4. Beautiful! I love the embroidered side with the sheep-scape

  5. Bardzo mi się podoba ta wykonana haftem wstążeczkowym i filcem.

  6. Terriea you amaze me with your talent. I hope our paths cross again sometime soon...hugs Sharon

  7. You have taken your inspiration and added your own unique twist. Beautifully done!

  8. Hello Terriea, The transformation of the Jute Tote Bag to Art Bag is glorious. Your Created the most lovely Sheep Meadow by using some great textiles. Great Job. the added paint to the Jute canvas made it perfect. Thanks for the nice comment on my stitching. I was thinking of buying the Felt Passion book, what do you think of it?? Hugs Judy

    1. Thanks Judy, you do very pretty stitches that inspired me too. Felt Passion is good to know the brilliant European artists' works and know how their passion for felt. There're no steps or instructions of making. You may consider.

  9. So pretty. You say you do not know the embroidery stitches but from what you have done they look great! Little sheep in a pasture look perfect. Oh that silly Mogi inside the bag looks so funny. Guess he approves of what you have done. Love it!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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