Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Bits & bobs" + "Not-so-good" = ?

What will the "Bits & Bobs" meets with "Not-so-good"? 
Over the years of projects made, there're lots of remnants.
幾年來的羊毛與絲布料手工剩餘物,從來我就不捨得棄置,這不少的「頭頭尾尾」也得要處理,這曰來個豐富小製作,大雜會炒埋一堆,正好做成一幅質感豐富的nuno felt,是墊子? 是被肩? 是小被子?
I save all the bits and bobs, trimmings from nuno felt wearable, remnants of wool felt stuff.
Time to clear the stash. I sorted out the remnants and made use of all......
These are the not-so-good natural printed silk fabrics, I used them as backing.
Laid a thin layer of merino wool over the silk fabric and put the trimmings of all these over it.
Trimmings of silk from nuno felt are of assorted natural dye or leaves prints, some of rust dye that has some shades. Plus some wool remnants, prefelt, yarns, raw fleece...... All the leftovers mixed together.
After some "rock n roll", a nuno felt flat sheet is come. 
The brown raw fleece of  Bordeleira sheep from my Portugal workshop , the long curly Teeswarer and Wensleydale ...
All together made the rich nun felt texture
The white silk scraps I intended to make the clouds look
A piece of nuno felt mattress
A mattress for my sofa in the studio
A piece as blanket for the child's nap
Wake up from nap, wrap the little body.........
Wrap warmly to watch TV cartoon
Thanks Zeinab and Layla, my studio's neighbor for the shots. 
Mogi, "Mum, you forgot me, isn't it for me ?!"
It's now on the sofa bed in my studio where I'm sitting on and writing this blog. 


  1. they may be scraps but you wove them into a beautiful creation, I love to think of you sitting on that lovely cosy spot typing to us, you also have beautiful friends, best wishes to you!

    1. Laurie, I still sitting on the mattress replying you. Thinking of you in your freezing days. Keep warm my dear.

  2. What a great use of leftovers!

  3. Everything is a treasure, every little bit can make something greater and useful. Now you need to make pillows to match the blanket. I bet the blanket is warm with the felt and wool.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Waste not want not that's what we make use of everything. Yeah the blanket and warm with wool felt. Good idea to make a pillow. Will do after got some more remnants.

  4. Wow, that is simply amazing. I love it and of course I love your sheep pillow.


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