Monday, December 2, 2013

In the mid journey of NA 暫別加拿大

After a week in Sharon's cozy home and studio in Canada,  tomorrow will be heading to Ohio for my workshop learning from prominent artist Pamela A McGregor and take the chance to meet a few renowned artists. I'm thrilled for it!
For the past few days we're quite engaged in wool felting from simple flower brooch to hand bag, then vest.
The most interesting but very exhausted for the ladies are vest making.
I taught them to make a reversible nuno felt vest. Laid inside out, both sides with patterns, embellishments...... 
A pair of mitten and the flower brooches are rather easy to make. 
They made the clutch handbags as well.
Technique I taught was the 3D surface flap. Finished with textural effect and inner pocket.
Well, in a day's work, they finished the 2-sided vests. The blue one with beaded silk strings and  hankies.  The orange one with nuno felt flowers on the chest.
Reversed sides of vests.
Sharon, Janice, thanks for joining. Honestly teaching a vest is also challenge for me.  Nice that you love it and enjoyed the process though a bit back pain.
Goodbye to Langley via the Fraser Bridge.  Due to the very early morning flight to Detroit, I stayed  tonight in an airport hotel.
After checked in hotel, I took the Skytrain to Richmond downtown for a walk and coffee. The area is of 2/3 Asian, thought I was in Hong Kong.
Back to hotel, the black&white  greeted at the counter! Hotel staff said her name is "Cart Loader" and she's the guard of hotel.  How cute!
Goodbye for a while Canada, I'll be back in a week and spend a couple of days for sight-seeing before returning Hong Kong.


  1. So glad you are enjoying your trip to North America and getting to see a few places. The vests turned out lovely! Enjoy your trip to Ohio.

  2. oh I so wish you could come to the northeast corner of the US....

  3. Oh how exciting to have you come to Ohio, my state. Had I known (or did I miss it?) that you would be so close to me I would have made arrangements to meet you and maybe could have come to your workshop. If nothing else but to watch you in action doing this lovely art form craft. I have a busy week Tuesday and Thursday to baby sit all day for my grandson and Wednesday to go to hospital for blood work and a ct scan. All are routine for checkup and to double check an area of concern. Maybe next time you come back I can do something. Have a safe trip and keep warm.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. How great we're in the same State at the moment. Would love to catch up but I'm not teaching here, I'm learning a new skill from a renowned artist. Wave hands and big hug. Hope your report is good.

  4. Such beautiful photos....It's been such fun to follow along on your travels. Hope that you and Pam are having a great time together. Can't wait to see you soon.

    Big hugs,

    1. Hi Dawn, was snowing in Minneapolis when my flight was taking off. A bit late to Pam. Yesterday started making teapot. Enjoyed so much the technique. See you soon.

  5. Great pictures and happy faces!


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