Thursday, December 19, 2013

From scratch to styles 簡約被搭

Since back from NA, my plate is full. I wanted to do this and that. I want to make pavepol Sharon was so kind to teach me, I want to make another teapot learnt from Pamela A. McGregor.  All that will be done in a couple of days. 
 Before that I went to the fabric shop and sourced the "boiled wool"  for my experiment with assorted leaves.  I was hesitated if it's truly wool fabric.  The shop owner immediately burnt for me.  Hmmmm, smelt good !  Bought a yard for testing. How it turnout ? Photos speak themselves.
   These days we're getting into winter, it's chilly today at 9C only.  Wrapped me up and walked in the sun.
回港一星期了, 仍是馬不停蹄, 滿腦子想這想那的, 不過, 第一時間仍是去我的不二之選布行 "滿裕布行" 找料, 給我找到白色羊毛絨布, 買了一碼做植物印染試驗, 果然是好料, 就以這一碼的料子做件簡約被搭, 今天很冷, 被在陽光下, 洒出金黃.........
A two-fold shawl
Slip into arm holes.....
 simply a vest
 No more no less, just a yard of fabric
From scratch to styles, a vest or ....
a shawl also makes my days warm
Here's how it's made. The "boiled wool" is great for cutting, no sewing needed. I put kinds of eucalyptus leaves, rose leaves, onion skins and a little tea leaves over the fabric.  Rolled up with a thin paper core and simmered for 3 hours in a pot with onion skins and vinegar.

I used onion skin from one onion for boiling since I don't need too strong but still got the dark tie lines.  Still good for me.  That's the experiment I got from here that all pigment from onion skin absorbed by the wool fabric as the water in the dye pot is so clear after 3 hours boiling.
Unwrapped.... rose leaves, euc leaves and onion skins....

Bold and clear prints of euc and rose leaves with little tea leaves spots
Euc cinerea is particular impressive
Euc with seeds of orange but brown leaves
Rose leaves and onion skins
Brown spots are tea leaves
Well, I cut the flat fabric two arm holes with the copy of a vest since I'm no good in measuring.
Lined the two holes with tore silk scraps from my "not-so-good" prints
Hand stitched the arm holes
So, no more no less.  I made the flat sheet with two holes.
Make it a vest...
or double fold to make it a shawl
 Mogi, "Mum, you made it, you made a bright warm day!"


  1. So glad Mogi likes it Terriea! Me, too! I'm loving the boiled wool "experiment"; looks great! And likewise, the many photographs!! inspiring once again. I like the idea of versatile one yard pieces!

    1. The "boiled wool" edges are good that I don't have to sew them and one yard is enough for my size, and you too! It drapes well😜

  2. What a wonderful project, Terriea!! I love your efficient use of another vest as 'pattern-cutting assist'!
    Beautiful! XOXO

    1. Thanks Heather. I'm no good in measurement. Just grab and "copy & paste" pattern. Lazy me!

  3. I love it Terriea, so simple and you look marvelous in it! And your eco-printing is fabulous as always!

  4. It is beautiful, Terriea, as always! Are you used mordant for leaves?


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