Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome my friends to Hong Kong 有朋自遠方 - 香港遊

Welcome to join my guided tour around Hong Kong.
Our friends Brigitte and Helene from Provence, France visiting us this week.  It's their first trip to Asia.  We're delighted  to show them around our fascinating city.  First stop in Wanchai......
我們曾多次造訪的法國朋友這兩星期來到香港,  這幾天的天氣還不錯, 海陸空的遊覽, 盡享風光明媚, 繁華景致, 歷史文化之旅, 這是上半部的行程.
 Mogi, "welcome friends,  you inspired mum's works a lot...."
Yes, I got inspired by my French friends.  Brigitte has been sending me lots postcards from her trips.  The ones from her birth place Provence are really stunning.  I've some put on the wall.
She sent me the sketch book of Provence.  I referred and painted my yard to welcome them just weeks ago.
On the first day of visit,  we took the funicular Peak Tram up to The Peak for a breathtaking view of the Victoria Harbour.
They bought some postcards in The Peak shop
 Next day, a ride to Clear Water Bay (清水灣) and Po Toi O (布袋澳)
 Quite a nice view of the fishing village of Po Toi O (布袋澳) with a golf course at the back
We directed to Saigon and stopped by the Pak Sha Wan (白沙灣) yacht club
 Arrived Saigon our friends joined us to Kau Sai Chau (滘西洲), a golf club on the island
 The club is amid greenery with panoramic views around
A nice catch up over buffet lunch in the golf club cafe
 After lunch we back to town for a walk in the Nan Nian Garden (南蓮園池) -  oasis in the urban Kowloon
The following day my brother drove us to the Wishing Tree in Tai Po Lam Chuen (大浦林村), a tourist spot with temple and the tree people make their wishes to hang on.  They're writing  their wishes.  Wishes come true !
Typical Tin Hau temple safe guards the village. This is the one next to the wishing tree.  
Following the path we walked into Sha Lo Tung village (沙螺洞村), in the midst of a hill.
The village is a typical Hakka settlement at the eastern slope of Cloudy Hill. Some houses are abandoned and in ruins.  Since it is located in the stunning valley, it's a hotspot for painting and shots.

Though I've been living in Hong Kong since born I've never been to such beautiful brushes. Quite a lovely chance to have a closer view.
We stopped by Sam Mun Tsai (三門仔) another fishing village. In sight is Kwun Yum statue down in the Pak Sin Leng (八仙嶺).
Another tranquil view in the not far distance of Hong Kong

We drove further to the north and up to the mountain we overlooked China boundary
Backdrop is Lok Ma Chau (落馬洲),  the border town of China
Down the hill are fishing ponds in Luk Keng (鹿頸)

After walks in the greenery,  Time to taste delicacy.  Using chopsticks is challenging. 
Stuffed, ready for the steps-climb to "Thousands Buddhas Temple".
Climbed up the 400-step.  "10000 Buddhas Temple" is worth for the look
In the early evening, a culture experiment started after a catch up in a local cafe in Yaumatei
We watched a short Cantonese opera with brief introduction for tourists
A nice cultural experiment and interaction with performers

Another day ended up with nice harbour view and lights symphony
 Taking the good weather this week, we hopped on the cable car for a spectacular ride on Lantau
Excited to see the magnificent view of the "Big Buddha" statue in sight

Spent some time up to the bonze buddha......

A break after the Wisdom Path
A bus ride down to Tai O fishing village (大澳漁村)- the stilt houses built along water front and the waterway are good views for photo taking.

Tai O is not only renowned for the local delicacy on Lantau.....
The roaming cows are well known and protected
The tour is not finished yet.  That's the first part started with sky-land-sea.  The intro of my natural dye & print  was part of their visits.  I showed them the booth with my items in Science Park.
For myself the nature walk is also the resources of my experiments.  I picked some windfalls........
Not all worked for my prints.  Only a few nice prints.
My friends' second part of visit will be started with next adventure.......
My blog friends, hope you also enjoy our Hong Kong views.


  1. Terriea-Thanks for 'taking us all along' on your wonderful hometown tour! It's beautiful and so interesting!

  2. What a wonderful tour - thank you!

  3. What a fantastic tour, I am so jealous of your friends getting to see the magnificent area you live in.

  4. I enjoyed this so much, to see more of your country and to see your visit with friends, what a joy!

  5. This had to be an exciting adventure for your foreign friends and how excited you must have been to be taking them on a tour of your city Hong Kong. So much to see, and it would appear that you managed to show them a good time and so many wonderful sites. I am sure both you and they will remember this experience for a lifetime.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Having friends visiting is also chance for us to see lots of our beautiful country side.

  6. What a wonderful post....I so enjoyed all of the images that were captured. I'm sure that your friends loved their time with you. Thank you so much for another marvelous blog post.

    Big hugs,

    1. Glad that Dawn you also enjoyed our virtual tour.

  7. Superbes photos ! profitez bien de la fin de votre séjour :)

    Un bonjour de Bollène.


    1. Thank you Pascal. Brigitte and Helene are still enjoying their stay here.

  8. Wonderful photos Terrie - thank you for the tour! I enjoyed it very much


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