Monday, November 4, 2013

Revival of Natural Dye 天然染色再生

The nine-day InnoCarnival is the annual anchor event of Science Park where my last office  located.  "Green Technology" is one of the themes.  Display of institution THEi this year is "Revival of Natural Dye" -  aims to increase the environmental awareness in fashion industry. Having been involved in research with the institution,  I'm glad being part of the activity.  A few of my natural  dyed wool felt wearable, vessels and journal covers are showcased.
今年在科學園的創新科技嘉年華, 其中一個主題是 「綠色科技」, THEi 的展出是 「天然染色再生」, 近年參與學院研發及社區項目, 這次展出有學院研發的不同植物提煉的印染色調效果, 我的桉樹葉 、 洋蔥印染羊毛氈衣物工藝製作品、 器皿一併展出, 旨在帶出時裝及設計界採用天然染料, 推廣環保訊息 

Today after  lunch catch-up with my good colleague Irene we visited the booth.

Listening to the briefing of natural dye

Students are interested in dye extraction

                                                                               Lots of samples and dyes are exhibited.  Logwood dyes are impressive to me.
My works are mainly of eucalyptus, onion and rust.

Purple and red tones from madder and logwood are pretty. I'd do some experiments next.


  1. And we will look forward to your experiments with logwood!

  2. What a wonderful event...And, your beautiful creations are the perfect addition.

  3. Your things have that warm glow about them, an earthy color with softness. Who would ever think that rust, something we all hate to see on anything, could make such a beautiful piece of clothing or a scarf. I am sure many people would just pitch it into the trash, and you would see something useful in it. I have always been a big recycler, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, and I also compost all my vegetable and fruit scraps. I believe in saving the earth. I have learned a lot from you Terrie.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne. Nature is full of resources that we can use again and again to revitalize something to useful. Recycling will save the earth and human being. You're great in all aspects.

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  5. Great display Terrie! Your work is gorgeous


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