Thursday, November 28, 2013

Canada workshop


These colorful and crispy maple leaves brought me here in Vancouver.

Sunday morning after the long haul from Hong Kong via Tokyo, Seattle....... landed Vancouver and warmly received by Sharon, the host of my natural imprints and wool felt workshops.  

Immediately we done testing on leaves with the way I was going to teach. Prints are good, dried oak leaves with shades and outline.

Shades of euc silver dollar and rose leaves are bold

Next day participants each done three pieces of different materials

Ginny's piece with shades of different leaves

This is what we want

Mixed leaves shades.

Dried maple outline

Euc is always the most eye catching color

Prints of iron dipped maples on cotton are strong

Leaves on papers 

A simple silk scarf closed with wool felt flower brooch

Thanks Rebecca, Sharon, Basha, Ginny and Judith, also Vanitha for my first workshop in Vancouver. Ginny and Basha came the long way from Seattle, Judith from the island. Sharon's studio is perfect with everything in finger tip. She's a great host and talented artists of many aspects. Her paverpol fabric sculptures are amazing.  That's the first time opened my eye of the marvelous craft.  She's so generous to teach me to make a figurine.

The elegant girl I made under her tutorial. I really love it and definitely will do some more when I'm back home.

Sharon's house and studio is cozy, with these two gorgeous cats even make me feel home.

Today I went to downtown Gastown and Waterfront for a walk. 

Landmark of the gas operated tower clock. 
Quite leisure strolling on weekday and weather was not bad as warned. For the coming few days will have wool feltmaking. Anticipate to share such fun and joy with liked-minded.


  1. Congratulations!! the result are amazing!
    You are a master in this printing..
    I am still trying to figure out how to get such nice outlined prints.... I think next time i'll not use a copper pot , but a stainless steel one or so....

    1. Thanks Kim. I just share what I know best and still in experimenting the wonders of natural printing. I sometimes just use electric rice cooker it also works. Thought way of mordant key.

  2. Your students did some lovely work, didn't they!

  3. Such a lovely workshop you gave!
    The leaf prints turned out so well!
    My friend Ginny looks so happy..... I am sure she had a wonderful time and was happy to learn from you!

    1. Just love the maple and oak where we do not have. Ginny is great for coming the long way to learn. I was thrilled to meet personally.

  4. You told a great story here Terreia of your Vancouver experiences. I am so glad I was a part of it.. I adored learning from you..Have fun with the felting next.. I have never heard of that kind of sculpting..I'll have to write Julie and tell her yes, of course I had a wonderful time learning from you!!

    1. Ginny, your presence contributed success to our workshop. My honor to meet you and talk in person!!

  5. Czy teraz będziesz miała koty x 2?
    U nas w Polsce mistrzynią w paverpol jest:

  6. Wonderful! Where are you staying in Vancouver? I live close to Gastown. Too bad I could not buy you a coffee or tea if you are here for awhile. Let me know! Love all the work you've shown.

    1. I'm in Langley. Such a pleasant walk along Waterfront and the weather these days are fine.

  7. So glad the weather was good for you in Canada. This time of year it is unpredictable in North America. More satisfied students learning your craft. It is good to be with people who want to learn and appreciate what you can teach them. It would be a learning experience for all, sometimes even the teacher.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne. Teaching is also way of learning. Each time I got inspired by their questions to do trials that broaden my skills.

  8. may I ask do you soak the leaves for hours or just dip them briefly? I am trying both methods, I am looking forward to some free time to do some more experimenting, it's such fun to unwrap the bundle and see what your result is!

  9. Great photos :) The prints from the workshop are great, I especially like the oak leaf prints. Your pavorpol girl is lovely!


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