Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eco print and nuno felt shawl 植物印染披肩

"What's the setting?"
"Well, a workshop for two students to do eco print and nuno felt shawl."
周日午後的植物印染準備就緒, 雖然祗是二人的家中課堂, 我仍是一絲不苟的做好準備,  

Mogi, "can I have my footprints on it?" 
"Mum, have you got all ready yet?"
"Yes, Mum's painstaking, all well prepared, some leaves with iron mordant, some with alum and some from Argentina from my fb friend Delia.

Placed on the silk chiffon and boiled for .1.5 hours .

Unbundled, brown of liquidamber, orange euc, green rose leaves and tie lines....

Followed by nuno felt to make a shawl

Making this shawl is simple and easier.

Just a little wool and rubbing & rolling

After an hour, finished and here they're.........

Yes, only you can make it like this unique color, pattern.  Thanks A.T. for joining my workshops a few times.  You're my great supporter.


  1. It is amazing how you can take things from nature and make something so original and beautiful. I am always in awe of what you make. Your students are learning from a great teacher. Some day I will learn this too, but for now I need to finish up all the projects I have started.
    Susanne :)

  2. They are gorgeous - all subtly different from one another!


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