Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby booties and slippers 寶貝小鞋子

"Come on, follow me, follow my big steps........"
寶寶快高長大,  小腳仔學行, 親手做一雙小鞋子給寶貝踏出第一步,  沒多久不合穿了, 把小鞋子留下是多甜美的留念....
長大些, 再做一對小童室內鞋, 總也可穿上兩年哩 ! 

 Baby grows up and thriving.  For the shoes under two obviously have to change every few months before it wore out.  It's so sweet to make a pair for the baby on it's first step and keep the shoes as a beautiful keepsake.
 I made the booties with wool, that's wet felted.

Tied with shoelace.  Fold down as little shoes 
Tiny booties on my hand.  It's for baby under 18-month, I suppose.

A toddle needs bigger slippers

Slippers made with merino wool, blue as deep sea & skies.  White mulberry silk strings for the sheen of wave. 

Both the little and the big pairs are shaped with one same mould.

The yellow plastic slippers are size 16cm.  Bought it in a chain shop for only US$2, really a good buy.   I made the little booties,  after all the rubbing, stuffed with bubble wraps and finally shaped it inside the plastic slipper.  Bootie size thus smaller than 16cm.
For the toddle's slippers I shaped it over the whole plastic.  So the size is bigger than  16cm 
Both pairs are hand-stitched with anti-slip protector

Mogi, "I don't know what are these for, we don't have any baby or toddler.  Mum just asked me to show you. ~.~"

Mogi, "I know I'm being loved or spoiled I'm a star...... My facial expression are true.  Mum uses quick shooting ........'

Well,  slippers are made to challenging myself .
Time to walk away, until next time.....


  1. These are so cute!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Aly :o)

  2. such a beautiful gift for someone, you should open an Etsy!

  3. Terri they are adorable and I love the colors you used xo

  4. They are lovely Terrie! Great idea using the non slip stuff for soles.
    Mogi is so sweet :)

  5. The non-slip protector is a great idea, and can even be replaced if it wears out before the slippers are outgrown!

  6. Thank you for sharing what material you use for the nonslip bottoms!

  7. You never know Terrie, someday you may be a grandmother and your daughter could use those sweet little slippers for her baby. I love the colors, the blue is my favorite. have a great week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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