Monday, August 5, 2013

Nuno felt wearable making 學生羊毛混絲衣物製作

 What's Mogi expecting?
Yeah, he's expecting two guests coming. 
Today I've two students for nuno felt learning.  Normally I do felting in the open yard but today's sun was melting.  Thus home studio today.

The young students wanted to explore the new felting technique - nuno felt, to make  wearables.  After showing my different designs, we started teaching....... 
Billy wanted to explore the wonder of seamless and texture,  I taught him the skills of making a little girl dress.  Mandy wanted to make a nuno vest for a little boy. 
 After hours laying, rubbing and rolling, almost finished.
 Final touch of edges of the vest.
 Dress is completed
 Vest is finished as well.
 Front of the vest is "cloud & skies", back is "Moon & stars".
 Two sides of the dress both with textural surface.
  The vest and dress are simply sweet .  Well done boy and girl.


  1. Your students learn quickly, but then they had a good teacher. They made some treasures in felt and I am impressed with what they did. Everyone is happy, a good day with Terrie.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. You are a wonderful teacher! And the little treasures your students made are amazing! It was their first time making nuno felt!? Wow!

    1. What delightful pieces - your students have done very well!

    2. Yes, their first time doing nuno felt. Great for the guy who's a fashion designer.


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