Monday, August 12, 2013

Eco printed art book 植物印染小本子

A little art book made with wool felt, eco print and dye.
這兩星期天氣時晴時雨, 風雲萬變, 上周一埸30分鐘的濠雨小溪變洪流, 今日又是風球高懸, 做一本紅葉小本使眼睛清新點,  小本子以桉樹葉印染及靛藍著色.
  Following the natural dyeing project with the visit of Michel Garcia last Dec, I planted the strobilanthes cusia for experiment.  I could not have much to make dye vat,  only cut the leaves into pieces and poured hot water in a jar for fermentation then poured again and again to get the blue dye.  I know it's not the proper process to dye my fibre with strong blue.  It's no harm to make a little grey.
So only soaked some silk hankies, silk laps and rammie.   I laid the fibres over papers intended to leave some stains.
I done a small piece wool felt flat sheet for euc leaves prints.  Got the prints by boiling then dipped the top part into the indigo dye to get the grey shade.
Mogi, "so mum's going to make the little vintage art book with wool felt cover and stained papers."
I stitched a silk fabric with leaves prints on the wool felted sheet.  Also first and last pages are of leaves prints.
In between binded with stained papers for vintage look.
Last week, I went up the hill behind my apartment for shots was a gloomy day.
Still good to take some pics.
Backdrop of a stream
Clear against it
All of a sudden it's pouring.
After 30-min torrential rain, the stream became a fall. I was sitting just in the front.  Can't wait for the rain to let up, so scary to run away. It's last week.

This morning woke up in my studio.  Such a clear and peaceful day.....
Cycling along the waterfront......
Such a sunny day you see.  Who knows typhoon warning is on now.  Just expect it wouldn't be too severe.
The little art book with eucalyptus leaves cheering me up.
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  1. Hi terrie! Always love to see what you are doing and where you are..and of course Mogi. Hope there is no typhoon..

  2. You are amazing... Keep dry and safe :)

  3. I think your beautiful surroundings help to create the images you design, you live in an amazing area, so much natural beauty, that is a lovely art book, I love the size, perfect!

  4. It's lovely, and so intriguing to see how the different dyebaths produce such different results!

  5. The indigo isn't ready to use at this point. You can add reducing agent e.g. Henna into the dye bath, it will converted from the blue into yellowish green liquid, then simmer fivers into the dye bath. Rinse it and will turn from yellow to blue "indigo".

    1. GREAT help for my next experiment. Fun to play with indigo. Thanks Eunice.


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