Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tie marks of eco printed scarf 絲巾印染線紋

Playing eco print is fun. Joy of unbundling is like opening a present. (Sometimes something may not as expected).  This piece of chiffon I intended to do the tie marks across.  It did turnout as what I want.
Pictures speak themselves........

Shades of eucalyptus leaves, some with iron mordant some were not.

Different strings have different sorts of marks
A soft chiffon scarf with shades of euc leaves and tie marks is done.

Steps of making : I folded the fabric like croissant and bundled the whole roll with strings along.
Tips to make the string marks: First to tie with rubber band then roll up the bundle tightly and tie a knot in the middle.  Hold the bundle against the table with one hand and the other pulling the string.   The pot should have some leaves or rusty iron so that would make the tie marks.
This scarf was a piece I demo in Portugal.


  1. Lovely Terrie; Wonderful post as usual! I like your photo tuturial about how you tied and designed the piece!! Nice demo for Portugal class too!

    1. Thank you Ginny, you're so nice and always cheer me up.

  2. Beautiful work Terrie, and great photos of the steps of your string tying process. The string marks are very striking and it is fun to think ahead and plan the wrapping to get the best effects.

  3. Thank you so much for another wonderful post....I love seeing the photos...Think I must be a more visual learner. Wish that I'd been in Portugal with all of you....Must have been a wonderful day for everyone.

    I'm already looking forward to your next post ;-)

    1. Thanks Dawn. There are lots to explore and lots to learn. Fun to play with natural dye and print. Love to share.

  4. I can see when you open the bundle it is a new surprise every time, like a present. You just never know how things will come out of the pot. I say, most times your surprises are good ones, and I am always happy to see what you do with the finished fabric, and that is my surprise :)
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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