Friday, May 24, 2013

Eco print tote bag 植物印染布袋

My "By-product" of eco prints -  a tote bag. 
After some experiments of rose and euc leavaes on cotton scraps, found my way to do something with them.  
I sewed this as inner pocket for the cotton bag.  
The bag with lining 
Reverse side of the bag 
I bought the cotton fabric in the market.  It's a good buy but if I just made a bag of plain without any pattern, it's not my way.  I do it with my own personality rather then the mass production of common.  So on the outside, another piece  of my leaf print is sewed on. 
Rose with iron mordant -  the upper side is smooth and a bit green on cotton while iron mordant euc silver dollar are a bit brown. 

The prints are botanic alchemy. 

Now that the bag is with inside and outside pockets of my eco prints. 
This cotton bag is big enough and strong to carry some books.  
That's my way of making.


  1. Very distinctive, and as ever, the different patterns are fascinating to see.

  2. It is a very beautiful bag, so clear and nice work. Congratulations. I like your handiworks.

  3. Lovely rose prints Terrie! You are so good at this

  4. Brilliant Terrie!
    A nice collection of familiar books too... and Mogi as always, so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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