Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another eco print experiments 躍動彩色

Last eco print workshop was focused on iron mordant to get shades. We didn't make prints with alum which gives a bit yellow.  Judy found it impressive and asked for a commission scarf.  How nice to do it again for an order !  
I soaked the silk fabric in alum water for hours, then put on some leaves also dipped with alum and iron mordant.  Leaves of rose, maple and some unknown all together, 3 bundles in a row..... After boiling for 1.5 hours, here come the looks....... 

Yellow from unknow windfalls
Iron mordant with dark prints of rose leaf
Brown of unknown dried windfall 
The two scarves with both ends of thread marks and brown edges due to dyeing pot of euc leaves and barks. 
Below close up of euc, rose, maple ........ and wild daisy....  


Ways to wrap it......

This one with little wild daisy gives a bit bright yellow. 

I made three pieces of silk scarves with different leaves.  The leaves and flowers used I can tell where I got it.  The little daisies picked under the euc tree while I visited my mum in Shatin.   The scarves are one of a kind and made with heart not only from myself.  I thank for the lady from the florist who's so generous to give me the rose leaves.  Thanks for Judy who joined my classes.  Doing a commission piece is challenging since I'm not sure if it's what the receipent wants.  So these pieces are for Judy's choice.
Mogi, "wondering which one(s) Judy would pick it?"
Mogi, "I myself prefer this wool felt stool cover mum made in Portugal with euc leaves from Monterey, CA."


  1. I bet Judy will like them all..but se'll pick a special favorite; I find commissions challenging for the the same reason; I just love seeing yout work and you contine to inspire me so much. I'm missing Mogi in thes postings. Has he lost interest in eco-dyeing? !!

    1. Ginny, you're so sweet. Your wool felt vest with beautiful prints inspires me a lot and the beautiful nuno felt scarves are absolutely stunning. I just put Mogi to update this post. Thanks for always thinking of us.

  2. Lovely - it's always fascinating to see the different effects of the mordants!

  3. Lovely!. How did you manage to get the brown and tied marks on all corners without getting into the center of scarf? Must be magic?

    1. I made 2-fold (mirror) and bundled with a hard paper core which is shorter then the scarf width, so absorb dyeing pot color all four sides.

    2. You mentioned presoaking the cloth in alum. Did you rinsed it dry first or lay your plant materials on the wet cloth?

    3. If you put iron dipped leaves you've to dry the fabric first. If not just put leaves on the wet cloth and wrap.

  4. They are all beautiful Terrie! I love the brown edges and string marks.. simply stunning!

  5. lovely windfall .... lovely story....


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