Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Student's vivid spring scarf 燦爛春日圍巾

My student Stella, local art designer and founder of s+click (fb page),  wants to explore the interest of wool felt.  She has a great sense of color, particularly loves red, purple....bright and cheerful color.  She made this vivid scarf with the spring feel yesterday. 
Actually, the first thing she learnt was a wool felt box made last week.
It's made with resist and nuno felt flower on the lid.  Light glowing from the flower lid with a LED lamp is ambience added.
Stella lives on an outlying island Lamma. She came all the way from the tiny island to my urban home not only wanted to make a box in 3 hours,  She asked me to teach nuno felt scarf. 
Spent some time in layering wool over the fabric, rubbing, rolling.....
 OMG, how come it didn't entangle ! I burnt the corner and found the fabric was synthetic not pure silk ! No wonder ! What an embarrassing moment for me to waste my student's effort.   I didn't charge this scarf session and offered her half price to make a new one at her convenience. 
Yesterday she came and wanted to do a whole wool felt scarf with new technique.  I showed her to make the pre-felt sheep, 3D popping flowers and wild fleece manipulating.  She picked her favourate color.   The first layer (underneath) was mustard, the top was mixed bright. She loved the twisted loops that reminded her when she's small she used to twist or braid her mum's hair.

My intention was to put the sheep on the back but she insisted on the front position  with two big flowers above.  I let her do in her way.

 I do not use many tools for this sort of scarf making, simply bubble wraps, some rubbing on the surface or with a net over it for direct rubbing then rolling.

To help rubbing the prefelt flowers and sheep we used the handy massager. 
When almost finished, just used the needle to make the sheep outline sharp. 

In a few hours the brilliant scarf was made.  Very vivid color of spring. 
The sheep are so sweet on this side and with some curly Teeswater fleece look like clouds. 
Cheerful and lovely with the flowers above. 
Soft and free style 

Ends of the reverse side are with long curly Teeswater fleece. 
A wild look and goes with other styles 
A pretty pack  
Teaching is way of learning for me too. Form students' own ideas I know the trends and their different taste.  Thanks Stella for joining my class.  You rocked!  We've a bright and colorful time in the gloomy day - our typical humid and raining spring time.
Wish you all a bright spring - cheeful and colorful !


  1. The scarf looks great, the sheep are really good :)

    I didn't know they made synthetic wool tops? Could it be Superwash that doesn't shrink?

    1. Thanks Zed, only the fabric was synthetic but not the wool tops. Next time when I buy silk fabrics I must ask to burt for a test.

    2. Oh, sorry :)
      I wonder why it didn't work, was it too thick? I got some gorgeous synthetic chiffon last year, it was so much nicer than the silk chiffon I had, I wish I'd got more.

    3. That synthetic fabric was too thick I supposed thus can't get through.

  2. what a beautiful creation, I love the way sheep look like they are coming down the mountain meadow,

  3. Absolute amazing - fabolous done - stunning
    XOXO SanDee1899

  4. Very bright and vivid - just right for spring!

  5. Ohh, thosecheep, so cute!!!! Such agreat scarf! Good students, great teacher! ;)


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