Friday, April 26, 2013

Nuno felt dress 羊毛混絲裙子

Adorable? Mogi or the little dress?
可愛嗎 ? 何是最最可愛?
一件手作無縫小女孩裙子就是最可愛!  以羊毛混絲的表面立體紋理及混入蠶絲線的閃亮效果正是我所要的, 這小裙子簡單清純, 我不打算做植物印染了, 算是一件花女的裙子也不錯 !  
To keep my creativity juice flowing, I like to play again with nuno felt dress.  I got a scrap of white silk chiffon that's enough for a little girl. 
I made it with the base of chiffon. 18-mic merino wool and silk strings. The nuno felt textural surface is what I wanted. 
Close up -  chiffon texture and lustrous silk strings.

These silk strings are such good look on white. 
The silk strings were wrongly ordered in the first instance. I thought they're soft and ready to use.  When I received the pack I realised they're rough and hard as jute.  After searched internet got the idea to degum it myself then I dyed some with Strobilanthes cusia, some with onion skin. 

All look wonderful. Love to play with these strings. Particularly white one doen't need to dye and goes well with anything. 
Fun to play and quick to finish this little dress.  No idea what to do with it as I've no little girl around. How big is it? Thought it fits a girl of 1 - 2 years old. 
See the proportion with Mogi you'll get it.  Little dresses are always adorable.   This one I'm not going to do with eco print.  Just keep it pure.


  1. That is a darling little will find someone surely to wear it!

  2. Beautiful dress. Could you tell me where I might find some of the silk string to try out? Thanks so much....I enjoy your blog so much.

    1. Thanks Dawn, the UK wool supplier I got he silk strings from. Good to make quite a lot after you degummed it.

    2. Thanks so much Terrie...I'll head over to the site. Hope you are having a great day.

  3. its beautiful so fresh and beautiful, just like the snow!

  4. Dearest Terrie, thanks so much for your recent sweet comment on my blog. I come here every now and then to see your beautiful work and don't comment too much. I haven't blogged very much in the past year as so many things have changed in my life and I'm not sure how to express it on my blog. My life is getting better so I may be back to blogging soon. Your beautiful creations inspire me so much, I can't wait to have the time to start doing creative things again. Have a wonderful spring!

  5. Indeed, the dress and Mogi are equally adorable!

  6. Such a pretty dress for the Spring!

  7. Przecudna tunika, pięknie się komponuje w Twoich kocich klimatach.

  8. What a darling little dress. And Mogi is adorable.


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