Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wool felt bracelt tutorial 羊毛手環製作

Simple, ya, it's simple.  Just do it in a leisure time.  This is a one-on-one wool felt bracelet tutorial yesterday I gave to a student at home.
昨日一位很有誠意的學生在我家學做羊毛手環, 簡單易學, 祗要花點時間做些亮珠碎石點綴就完成.

This open-end bracelet is made with copper wire.
First wrap both ends with wool, roll the bamboo mat to enclose the wire with soapy wet merino wool.  Make it felted and hard by pushing the bamboo mat back and forth.  When it's hard, shape it round and embellish with glass beads and stones. 
It's rather easy to make a bracelet, only adding the beads takes time.  
Embellishment is like icing on the cake.  That will make the bracelet looks pretty.

A few samples for reference.
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