Monday, March 25, 2013

Binding book 手作小本子

Lavender is one of my fav flowers.  Not to paint in detail but made an impressive picture of a wool felt journal cover. 
薰依草向來是我的最愛, 何不做一本植物印染本子? 書皮就用羊毛以薰依草做為主題吧.
This is Gorde, France, one of my fav spots.  The little journal cover was made with the memory of the days.

A cover of wool felt, embellished with some glass stones....

Closed with a wool felt knot....

Some pages are of eco printed leaves

Some blank pages for jotting....

Jot the trivial things of my cat....

Stick the pictures of dear fluffy things 
A nice handmade little journal for my fluffy boy
Whose little feet behind it? 
Ahhhh, my Mogi has contribution in making it. 
(Mind that if you don't love cats you may find disgust and stop reading.)
Indeed,  I comb my cat daily and keep his hair. This cover I made with layers of wool in between with the cat's hair.  Wet felt it then embellished with some glass beads. 
Papers are steamed with leaves then binded it a journal. 
This fluffy doesn't like combing.  See how pissed off he was ! 
Well, this may be a journal to jot the footmarks of my cat or myself !
Make something with a cat's hair is a good keepsake.
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  1. Hi Terrie, I love the tectures and colours, thisis so nice! Have a great week.

  2. I think its a wonderful memory keeper and it is beautiful, you have traveled all over! I would love to see the lavender fields in France, I also love lavender!

  3. It's delightful - well done!

  4. Piękny pamiętnik i filcowe kociaki.
    Zazdroszczę zieloności bo u mnie śnieg.

  5. Oh I love lavender to Terri and your journal cover is so pretty :)

  6. oooh, lavender fields. Must have been a lovely place with lots of memories to put in your DIY journal!First time I've heard of kitty hair being used as part of a craft though! :-)

  7. Your journal is gorgeous, Terrie :)
    I love the natural leaf print too.


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