Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wool painted iPhone case 畫意手機套

A wool felt iPhone case for a green lady Melinda.  The day I stayed in her house she found my wool felt iPhone pouch with a black cat was cute.  Her big cat Pogue is also a black cat.  She loves the idea with it.
When I back to Hong Kong I made one with the instruction of a PDF tutorial I bought from  Reneto.  The  PDF tutorial is easy for follow, a pouch is made in an hour.
See the huge black cat Pogue !
I love cats, black cat's mysterious look I adore very much.  The first midnight I stayed in Melinda's, the black hand scratched and pushed the door entering the room.  See his sparkling eyes when I discoved him.
The iPhone case base is made with merino wool, one side of poppies, the other side of black cat. A beaded knot is for easy opening.
Poppies are easier to make compare with other flowers
The Teeswater raw fleece adds textural touch.  Melinda said her cat goes out to the neigbour and back home at night.  I made this  "Cat anticipating a neighbour".
Talking about Reneto's PDF tutorial.  Her handbags with wool paintings caught my sight.  I tried hard to do it myself but no good.  I ordered from Etsy her PDF file and followed, well..... that's the skill I learnt.  This little purse though not pretty but I got the way of making the handle and painting.    
With the techniques learnt from the file I can make something like this.    It's easy just a click I can copy the PDF file to anyone or resell the file BUT we artisans well aware the code of conduct.  That's the copyright, the infringement, the intellectual property we have to respect.  All my friends well aware of this, they never asked me to make copies nor I'll do.  That's very generous of Reneta.  She said I can even sell the stuff  made according to the skills of the file purchased.  That's very kind of her.  I'm not up to scratch of selling yet.  Just for a giveaway to dear friends.
Melinda, you're so kind and generous to give me these beautiful wool good for painting.  You made me a colourful day !
HaPpY HapPy BIRTHDAY Melinda !


  1. Your iPhone case and purse are both beautiful, Terrie! The colors you've chosen are bright and spring like. So pretty!

  2. Such nice wool for painting and such nice wool paintings for Melinda. A lovely gift . And you know I love cts; so great to see that big cat Pogue!!

  3. Great iphone case Terrie.. what a lovely gift! That black cat is HUGE, and absolutely gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful phone cases! Much more artistic then the plastic ones in the store. Great job getting so much detail into a small space!

  5. You've made some lovely things - well done!

  6. What a beautiful gift for your friend! I love the cat on the back, it makes it so personalized. The rainbow of wool in your last picture makes me smile. It's amazing what can be made from such simple fibers.

  7. Terriea, you are an amazing person. Your friendship is priceless!


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