Saturday, February 9, 2013

New is old, Old is new 新舊如一

I'm really into eco dye & print recently.  The white cotton shirt after years got some stains but quality is still good. 
一件有黃點的白襯衣, 質料尚佳 , 棄之可惜, 不如用我環保手藝做點改變....
Am I mean or advocate eco-friendly? I made a change with leaf prints. 
With iron mordanted, leaves of rose, eucalyptus and oak mottled on cotton shirt by bundle steamed for an hour. 
Still cool ???!!! 
Lake Ullwater

This same old white shirt recalls my days in Lake District in 2006 I attended a congregation ceremony of my friend's daughter in Cambridge.  After it, I traveled to Lake District - picturesque it is ........ 

Kirkstne Pass 




Dusk of Bownese

All the lakes are tranquil and stunning in any time.  After some years my shirt has some stains but Lake District is still as it is hundreds years.   
The shirt can be wore for some more years, the oak leaves from California printed on the shirt are good memory of my days picking leaves with Melinda.
My cat Mogi is same old - curious and naugty !

This Sunday, 10th Feb is our Chinese New Year.  Wish all who celebrate a healthy and prosperous year of the Snake !


  1. Terrie, you did a great job on that shirt. The pictures of the lake and boats are beautiful. I showed them to my husband. My young son loves cat, and I just had to show him the pictures of yours. What an awesome cat!!!!

  2. That came out great!! Now you can wear it for lots more years! :) Mogi is gorgeous!!

  3. Great job on the shirt! Mogi is so beautiful and he is a big kitty!
    Happy New Year to you Terrie!

  4. Your stained white shirt turned out beautiful with the oak leaves from California. I love all the boat photos!

  5. What a great idea - it's given your shirt a whole new lease of life!

  6. Isn't it wonderful to give an old favorite shirt a new lease on life! Plus the added memories of your recent trip to California will always be present with you now! Great job!

  7. Thanks ladies. Make something useful to the last stage, the earth will be healthier.

  8. I think its just wonderful that you used leaves from your trip, now your shirt has become a memory keeper of that lovely time,The leaves created such a beautiful design, so earthy and organic! I love it, Mogi is such a big cat, oh my gosh, what a beautiful cat!


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