Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wonder of print or paint ? 奇妙的 - 是繪是印 ?

   Too overwheming for eco print but I'm really into it.  I wanted to try everything but everytime turnout is unexpected.  Good or bad I've to appreciate - it's one of it's kind.
樂此不疲, 嘗試又嘗試做植物印染, 每次的效果都不一樣, 有時意想不到, 有時不大滿意, 但每一件都是獨特,這是時間、 植物本質、 心思與製作過程的成果,我要接受與欣賞植物賦予的美 。
 Two kinds of euc leaves though all look green in fresh, the middle one gave pale brown with dark outlines.
 Same method I covered the gorgett with rich iron mordanted fabric and steamed for an hour.
 Quite pleased with the outcome

 Print or paint?
 Brown, orange.....
 Green and red.....
 These are not perfect, still on the trial.

Comparison of before and after 
 I peeled the stems of eucalyptus cinerea which also give reddish.
Ah..... Mogi didn't know I played trick on him !! 
"Mogi 你比人整蠱啦 !"
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  1. Amazing how you create such beautiful prints . . . a new art form.

  2. each piece is a work of art, and I think Mogi likes to be model! I think the part I love best about the design the leaves create is the delicateness of it, so soft, capturing nature at its most beautiful

  3. Terrie, your method is awesome indeed!


    Thanks for sharing your beautiful results! They are great!
    Would like very much to see same pieces after the wash, as I am currently into testing all my results for wash fastness.
    I think it's interesting!

    1. Elena, I'm doing testing on fastness by daily hand washing the fabric. Prints on silk are lasting longer than cotton I suppose. Will see how it looks after some times.

  4. Ah Terry, these are beautiful! And Mogi is one lucky kitty cat! ;-)


  5. The results are always so different - no wonder you are so fascinated!

  6. Wow Terri, this is stunning, i love the way you experiment and create such gorgeous pieces :) xo

  7. So beautiful! And I think Mogi knows you "played a trick" but he is a tolerant and sweet boy! I love seeing your work and Mogi in your posts!

    1. You're sweet Ginny. Yes Mogi is a good model to display my work. He gets used to camera !

  8. This is beautiful. I've never seen this technique before. I would love to know more. And your kitty is the perfect model.


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