Friday, November 16, 2012

Subtle eco printed scarf 柔色植物印染圍巾

Georgette silk is my fav to do with eco prints.  Love the dense weave yet soft so that prints on it can be bold particular with euc.
這植物印染是天然柔色? 烏卒卒”?  個人喜好吧。 這實驗是用 Georgette絲質布料包扎著桉樹葉在混有鐵罐子的鍋內文火煲一小時,物料留在鍋內約七子小時,就是這效果,如果把包扎物取出放在空間幾日,顏色效果可能更顯著,我還須要多點耐性。 
These days I made a few pieces of scarves with assorted euc leaves.......
together with twigs and buds.
Simmered for an hour in iron mordanted pot with iron lids and fresh euc leaves.  I usuaally keep it in a themo pot so heat will last for some hours.  That will save energy.
Unbundled after sitting in dye pot for 7 hours
Comparison of before and after
Quite mousy look with string marks at the end
Reddish prints of euc cinerea and light prints of other sort.
Since in iron mordanted pot, the whole piece become greyish
My girl said the scarf is not dark nor brown, looks dirty and asked if any bright color could be achieved.  I said this is what we call "subtle". Since I encountered a group of eco print / dye.  I almost fall in love with the natural printing and the outcome, just love the pale and soft beauty of nature. 
Next time I'll do a few experiments with bundles stay longer days.  That will have different shades of leaf prints with iron.  I should be patient ! 
Yes,  I can  make the soft and bright prints just with euc cinerea.
The outlines of the leaves are obvious since the georgette fabric was soaked in iron mordanted hot water for some hours before laying the leaves over it.  Outcome after boiled for an hour. 
Green is rose leave
Are they bright ?
This mousy piece may be as it is for a scarf
Or make it a tote bag.  Fingers crossed.  


  1. I think its amazing how you achieve such beautiful creations with natural substances, beautiful! Bright colors or subtle, all amazingly beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful! I really want to try this someday.

  3. The mousy bit, as you put it, looks almost like a fringe!

  4. I have been reading your past postings, I am so far behind with playing catch-up to see what is new with Terrie. My, my girl, you have been busy and doing so well with your craft. As usual everything is beautiful. You need to open an Etsy shop and sell your lovely garments and scarfs.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Always enjoy seeing your posts and your work Terrie! Interesting how sometimes the iron "look" is thought by some to look dirty.. I'm aiming to do more experiemnts with iron mordants in various ways. You always inspire me!

  6. Love, love, love this scarf, Terrie!!!

  7. They are amazing Terrie! I love the string marks and always find your prints whether subtle or bold are absolutely wonderful and inspiring!

  8. Thank you ladies, you made me a day. We all love natural dye / paint and the ways making it.

  9. Wunderschöne sehr weiche und harmonische Farben . Sehr schöne Grafik.
    Herzliche Grüße,

  10. One can almost feel the softness of the fabric. Yummm!


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