Friday, September 21, 2012

Poetry images from nature 如畫意的植物印染

 Let me share with you my "heart" truly from nature.  I was over the moon when I got this outcome.
奇妙的天然印染, 印出如晝的意境. 前些時做了一幅過度氧化的布料, 靈機一動利用這布料的的豐富鐵質做些實驗, 且看.......
This piece I dyed with bundled can is too dark.  May be too much oxidized .  My last post I called it "tortoiseshell" !  Well,it hit my bell.  Why not use the rich iron fabric to try an experiment?
I put some leaves over the dark fabric then covered with the same size silk to do the bundle print.
Boiled for an hour and left overnight.
To my surprise, the outlines of leaves with dark shades as well the pressed aerial roots are good.  The iron transferred to the white fabric has a subtle effect.
Look at it with imagination........
 Prints of euc leaves and Cajeput tree (paper-bark tree 白千層)
A poetry painting from nature.....大自然賦予的晝意
String marks from the bundle.
Paths leading to the woods of birch..... 霧中踏著小徑往白樺樹叢
Should I cut the piece and frame it? 
With iron effect the rose leaves are dark that's what I wanted.
A heart and half an apple to share with you !
Can't believe natural dye can make it a painting look.

This is the 1st experiment on the "tortoiseshell" piece.
Thought I can make the 2nd one with it again. Laid some rose leaves, eucalyptus leaves, banyan tree aerial roots and Cajeput leaves.
Same to do the bundle sandwichedwith  leaves, covered with a white silk.
Again out of expectation, gorgeous prints with dark outlines on rose leaves and euc leaves.
Banyan tree aerial roots swirl marks are great.

Can I say it a painting again from nature?!

I'm so pleased with the result.
Soft prints with outlines but still got green on rose leaves and red on euc.
Found out that doing prints sandwiched with a rich iron fabric is much prettier than wrapping with an iron rod or can.  At least fabric wouldn't be "eaten or rotten" !
My experiments on the iron dyed fabric concluded that I can sandwich the leaves to get some iron from it and make the leaves marks differently.
This piece done without any iron. Background looks clear.
Comparison of three pieces. 


  1. so lovely in such a dreamy it...and happy mid-autumn festival to you and your family!

  2. The close-up images really do look like watercolor paintings! Very beautiful indeed!! Does Mogi agree? :@

  3. Beautiful Terrie . . . Truly an artist in you . . .

  4. I love your experiments with eco printing!

  5. I love to read in your blog and look all the wonderful photos. And I love your cat, too :-))

  6. This is just wonderful, Terrie. I am nearly beside myself with excitement. What a great discovery. I alsoread in one of your posts that you use cajeput tree bark. Can you give mem a little more detail on how you use it? It is an invasive species here and I would love to find a way to use more of it in my dye work. Again, these prints are marvelous.

    1. Thank you James. I used only leaves of cajeput on paper. This post Thought not much or no green color on fabrics. Steamed on paper the dried leaves give some dot marks. Fresh ones may give some lines marks. Interesting if you just want the outlines or shapes of them.

  7. CONGRATS on your very fine *experiments*, Terrie, well done!
    And may I also extend a HUGE "Thank You" for posting here about your process & results?! It's extremely helpful and valuable information.

    DYE ON! ;>]]


  8. Hi terrie: Wonderful post..and really both poetic and informative-a wonderful combination; what a fine experiement and terrific results! Thanks, as always ..

  9. CONGRATULATIONS To a New Adventure!

  10. It's gorgeous! I would look love cut and framed, but I would hate to cut it too.

  11. What an exciting experiment, Terriea!! You are correct in thinking that your latest prints look like paintings. WOW!! XXO-

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this. The results are amazing and definately more subtile that with the iron can.

  13. Thank you, thank you all. Love to share this interesting found. Eco printing is always such a magic and surprise outcome at times.

  14. Beautiful,Terriea! You are moving so fast and I really enjoyed looking at this work! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Tatiana. Your eco dye is amazing. If I were able to join your eco print/nuno felt workshop would have been a great fun.

  15. Terrie, very beautiful pieces, what wonderful results! Thank you for sharing your process and results so openly, this is an amazing discovery.

  16. Terry - what marvelous and artistic work! I'm in awe and hope to achieve such effects some day - I need to find local plants that will work (East coast, USA) have tried roses and am wondering about bamboo which I will try next time
    Do you use a cast iron pot? Last time I used rusty bits and mushrooms and the rust surprised me and turned black - couldn't figure out what I did wrong.

    1. Thanks Margo. I tried with bamboo but nothing. No clue. I use steeless pot and sometimes with bundled iron cans. Thought there're some iron left in the pot. Eco print is amazing. We learn from error and trial. Thought it's daunting when the come out is not expected it's the process it's fun.

  17. They are so beautiful Terrie! Very painterly and romantic

  18. These are such beautiful results!

  19. Hi Terrie, it shows that you enjoy what you do, and you let us enjoy too! thank you.
    Real discovery!!! I would cut and frame the pieces you showed...


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