Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Colorful day 意外收穫

 Today I'm on my light summer top of own leave prints.  Kind of  rose leaves, eucalyptus leaves and euca barks. These days I'm quite crazy about eco prints/dye.  My plate is full. 
On the way to office this morning, my shuttle passed by the train station, my eyes wide opened to see some blew off euca leaves with  flowers laid on the pavement.  I told myself I must  pick it up during lunch break. I rarely have the chance to get some fresh euca leaves, not to mention with flowers on. They're treasures.

There're still some blew off euca tree trunks on the slope waiting to be moved since two weeks ago hit by typhoon.  The  blew off tree with little soil still  thriving with new leaves.    Sad to have them moved out.   I plucked some fresh leaves for future use. Thought it's not offense since moving away soon ! 
 A bag full.
Call it a day with the bright leaves - I'm off home now.
Think of you Ginny.  You know I was off by bus to the station to pick the leaves.

Full look of the top, a one piece silk fabric with nuno felted neckline and fringes on shoulders. It's more proper on my girl indeed.
BTW, I've problems in putting comments on other bloggers since the "Words Verification" I never succeed, though typed correctly.  No clue why.  Any of you encountered the problem and how to tackle it?  It drives me off to the wall after 5-6 times. Friends you've visited me, I've also stopped by your post.   If you do not find my comments please excuse me.


  1. It's good that you spotted the leaves for your collection.
    RE: comments...the only thing I can think of is to be careful of capital and lower case letters then you have to space before the next item that is frequently a number that looks like it might be on a street sign. Good luck!

  2. I often have trouble with the verifications as well, especially on blogspot blogs, so you are not alone, but I have no idea what makes them work some time and not others.

  3. Once again, beautiful print, model is beautiful too!

    Word verification woes. . . drives me crazy too. I give it three tries. The best thing, I think, is to have a Word Verification Free Blog!

  4. Gorgeous top Terri so light and summery :)
    Word verification drives me banana's sometimes to, i just go slow :)

  5. Hi Terrie, this is beautiful. What a great job you did. Yes, I hate word verification also. I just don't understand why people use it as most people I know hate it. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  6. You may be typing the words for word verification and hitting "enter". You need to type the words and then hit "Publish". I'm not sure if that's your problem, but it was mine for a while. :@

    A lovely garment on a lovely model!

  7. Thanks gals. Got solved word verification from Sandee. I didn't note the next or befor item of the "street no." sign. Found it should be typed. All clear now.

  8. The light summer top is amazing! I love it!
    Dear girl, I have problems too with word verification and I do believe I disabled mine a long time ago so no one needs to struggle and get frustrated with trying to leave a comment.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  9. your top is beautiful! i am very new to eco-printing so I feel a bit like a sponge soaking up everyone else's efforts! Thanks for dropping by my blog too - your encouragement is most appreciated


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