Sunday, July 22, 2012

Art or craft piece 工藝創作

The versatility of wool is incredible. Not only flat pieces or wearables can be made but a 3D subject is dorable. My friend asked if I'm keen to explore in the field of wool felt.  I said I deep buried in the experiment.  I hope to create not only a piece of craft but an art piece would be my expectation.  Today is hot but I image the white wool is snow that keeps me cool.  I do wool felt all the year round.
  I made this sculpture. 
朋友問我老遠跑去學羊毛氈工藝可會專注在這方面的發展, 我說這是興趣,  羊毛實在是可塑性甚高的物料, 我要發拙這不但是冬日衣物的材料, 也是立體雕塑的好物料, 今日雖然酷熱, 我仍很享受製作這立體瓶子的過程, 幻想那雪白是冰雪不就涼快麼 !
I used merino wool, raw fleece from Viltalakim and my own dyed silk scraps, also a sea shell.
Layer of wool.
These curly locks are wonderful to work with.
A piece from soft wool to a 3D sculpture
The brown texture is nuno felt of silk scrap.
The other side a sea shell is enclosed.
Close up of the sea shell.
I rounded the top with some air roots of bayan tree.

Can be a vase.

A plant holder.
Or an art piece?
Whatever it serves.........
it's something I love.
They're proudly displayed in my house.
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  1. As always, you find a new way to express yourself in felt! Lovely!! XXO-

  2. oh what a beautiful piece, thats really beautiful, you are so amazingly talented,

  3. So, So Beautiful!!! It is just full of richness and wonderful depth!! Excellent job!

  4. Your creativity amazes me. You keep coming up with more and more ways to use your felt and wool!

  5. I love the use of seashell here, how did you felt that in this piece? It's beautifully done.

  6. I love it as a vase. You make beautiful things.

  7. It's delightful - well done!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful little pieces of art!

  9. Always a delight to see your touch on all your art, Terrie. Am enjoying these 3-D's and your process a lot!

  10. I love the tulips in your vase. That is an original object for sure. You have a great imagination and have some interesting art work Terrie. You always amaze me with what you create and what is new with you.
    Susanne :)


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