Friday, July 6, 2012

Peace of mind - Wool painting 心境平和畫作

A wool felt painting dedicated to Lindy.   How and why I made this?
在一個心境平靜的晚上製作這一幅薰衣田園小屋羊毛畫, 送給Lindy.
Dusk moon in the blue sky in Stanley

After a whole day in my Stanley studio on the 1st July, the 15th anniversay of Hong Kong Reunification to China, I was about to leave for urban home.  I called hubby that I'd make dinner that night and expect my arrival in 45-min.  He said there're road blocks due to unrest demonstration.  He told me not to hurry home.  So I  down for a walk in the promenada for a quick meal and decided to stay in the studio for a couple of hours to make something of wool felt.  
七.一假期在赤柱小室小休, 黃昏時想回家之時,  萬人上街遊行堵路,  我不能立刻回家,  唯有再留下做我的喜愛 "創作" 吧.
 Laurie's painting on iPad  
Last week I read Laurie's post of her tiny cottage painting which inspired me a lot.    I  got the idea of a little house for the theme.  Thanks Laurie's permission for this.  Then made a wool painting with my imagination with reference to the book "Felt & Stitch" I just bought.
Laurie 網誌她畫的一幅水彩畫小屋給我靈感, 因而做這幅羊毛+ 刺繡畫.

My ceramic painting of lavender
Lavender is one of my fav flowers. I used to paint on ceramics.  Glazing is not easily handled.  I still hope to pursuit the interest when I have more time.
 薰衣草是我鍾愛, 曾繪畫在陶瓷上,  我的技巧馬虎, 要學習改進!
The layered merino wool

I followed Nicola Brown's instruction of  flat sheet felting. My skills improved after learnt it from Nicola weeks ago. It is much easier and effort saved !
羊毛畫較易掌握, 不過在顏色與舖排我要多點練習.
After fully felted, I machine and hand stitched to make some lines for fields and fences also knots for flowers.  This is how it looks.      Lindy and I are good companions.  We both love the little area Stanley.    Whenever I've time I'd like going there to do my creation and catch up with her over ice cream in McDonald.  She encourages me to do  business on wool felt.  I said now is not the right  moment.   I do not rule out the possibility  (My hubby always discourages me ! ) Now I'm keen on doing practice and make the giveaways to someone I love.
完成一幅羊毛畫後, 我參考剛買回來的書 "Felt & Stitch"在畫上用衣車及手繡田野及小屋等線條.  我愛作薰衣草的畫作, 但香港沒有大片薰衣草田, 我有時祗是幻想構圖,

When making landscapes, lavender fields are always in my mind.  Here in Hong Kong we don't have but stunning mountains are inspiring.
香港沒有大片薰衣草, 但山巒起伏, 視野優美, 是作畫的好題材.  

 I've been living in Hong Kong for decades still most places I've never been   I love this scenery.
在香港生活多年, 有些地方從未踏足,  這是香港那一角度? 猜猜......

This day I have friends Melinda (MzTasty's Kitchen) and Jeanita from the States.
有朋自遠方來, 藉此日前我們驅車上到這山上, 藍天白雲的,  群山擁抱, 遠眺山下是西貢, 蠔涌,  將軍澳....
Undulating views of Sai Kong and Tseung Kwan O

We rode to the Kowloon Peak  (also named  Fei Ngo Shan that means "mountain of flying goose").  Up there we see the New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.
這是九龍的最高峰飛鵝山 , 上斜再拐一彎, 極目遠景港島, 山下九龍一 覽無遺.
Down is Kowloon.  Further distance is Hong Kong Island.

These are two pictures I took at each hill top (Victoria Peak and Kowloon Peak) to view the oposite side across the Victoria Harbour.
After an hour ride we headed to my Stanley studio.   I shown them the wool felt stuff and eco printing.  They found impressive. I said we may find somewhere some time to share the fun. Today Melinda is back to US.     Thank you Melinda and Jeanita.  Because of you I discovered the good viewpoint of Hong Kong. 
瀏覽一會風景, 我們回到赤柱工作室, 當然又是我介紹羊毛工藝作品的 "環節" 了, 他們對nuno felt 及植物印染特別有興趣, 我說有機會我一定會分享製作過程,  今天Melinda已飛回美國, 謝謝你們到訪, 讓我發拙香港的美景. 
Wool felt has become my pastimes.  Doing stitches is peace of mind. I do not bother to demonstrate on streets.  Enjoy being alone in my santuary.
香港有美麗的景色, 有時行行山, 時而做點刺繡, 心境也平靜, 何須太多怨懟要上街示威, 這是各人的表達方式吧. 
Will give this felted painting to Linda when I visit her office soon.
Lindy, 因為你, 我認識這美麗的赤柱及進駐做我的創作試驗,  送給你這羊毛畫,
The back is eco dyed cotton with iron and stitched  the initial L & M.  Hope she loves it.
 底部是我做的扎染綿布, 繡上 L (Lindy)  & M (Mathew) 及我代名 (tk). 希望你喜歡.
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  1. Terriea--I'm sure that she will be delighted with it!! I admire your 'painterly' way with feltmaking. Your love of scenery is lovingly portrayed in your felt pieces!! XXO-

    1. Heather, thank you for the magazine the issue of Provence really inspired me.

    2. You are very welcome Terriea-I can never again see a photograph of Provencal lavender and not think of you!!!
      Miss you! XXO-

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! Love, love, love this stunning piece of art work. You are very talented, Terrie!!! I'm off to look at Laurie's cottage painting.

  3. oh so beautiful, the photos are amazing and I love the new work!!!

    1. Laurie, thanks for your inspiration. I've to learn from you the color combination. Your paintings are brilliant.

  4. Oh you never cease to amaze me with your talents! So gorgeous!

  5. Oh my goodness Terrie! Stunning!! Absolutely Stunning work!! You are really getting to be very, very good at this! :)))

  6. I love your artwork and your beautiful photos. Such breathtaking views! And that Art in Felt book looks very interesting.

  7. I can always tell when someone loves their craft and hobby, and Terrie I sure can tell you do. You never cease to amaze me with all the lovely things you make, and so many come right out of your own imagination. Lovely pictures of your country and surrounding areas. The sky colors are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.
    Susanne :)

  8. Your wool fiber art is truly beautiful! I love the colorful texture! Your images of HOng Kong are breath-taking! I didn't know there were mountains there. WHat stunning views!

  9. Amazing how you capture the colors of the sky and the clouds. I love the cottage with trailings of flowers. Lovely!! Thank you so much for the lovely afternoon at Fay Ngo San and visiting your studio. I am honored for your hospitality. :):)

  10. I loved Laurie's watercolor painting when I saw it on her blog, and your interpretation in wool is just as lovely! The views of your fine city are breathtaking!!

  11. Hi Terrie. Your felt painting is beautiful! That book looks amazing too. The views in your photos are stunning. It's incredible how built up with high buildings it is. I wonder how it all looked before people moved in : )


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