Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holiday in Lisbon after workshop 假期延續 - 里斯本

 Right after my 8-day residential wool felt workshop in Faia (my last post), I went with workshop mate Annemarie to Lisbon by coach.
I've 2 days to explore the city while Annemarie has a couple of hours for the glimpse of the city before transfer to Amsterdam.. 
 Coincidentally there was sort of agricultural carnval in the quarters.
Every where were packed with food and music. What a fun day!

Rua Augusta Arch in Baixa looks so grand.

 It's a brilliant day, perfect weather, sunny and warm with blue skies.

 Also the long summer day light allows us to see  the city more.
 Cafes lined up boulouvard in downtown Baixa.  The quarter is rebult by the Marquis of Pombai following the 1755 earthquake.  Now is a commercial and financial district with geometrical layout of its street.
 Window display  with moo moo cow.  The lady next was singing the Fado - Portugese sentimental songs.
 The next day after Annemarie left for AMS, I by myself to explore the medieval city with the famous yellow tram no. 28 heading up the hills.

 Funicular is another means of transport from the foot to the mid hill.
 Nice decoration of windows.
 Life seems pleasant.  Residents love watching passers by.
 All roads, streets and alleys are cobbled.  Steps with yellow pedals leading up to the viewpoint.
The labyrinthine alleys are artistic.

  Art decor of Graffiti.

 Sweet little sister and brother - customers in a restaurant.
Red roofs dominated the housing.
 Taking the steps up and down I found the picturesque views. 

 Rest and relaxed at the viewpoint..

In the front of Tagus River.     
  Time out for a coffee.  I sat in Starbuck in Chiado to jot my journal while listenig to my favourite music.
Then another cup of coffee in Nicola.  I thought of Nicola Brown - our  marvellous instructor. It come to my mind I'd make a wool felt coffee cup next time. 
Well, have to call it a day in Lisbon and heading to England in the next early morning.


  1. Lisbon looks like a wonderful city to visit. Travel safely!

  2. Oh, Terrie--What wonderful photos!! It looks like you and Annemarie had a perfect first day, with the festival and so much to see, and that you really made the most of your 'alone' time there! Perfect weather, too...lucky!! XXO-

  3. It looks like you had a great tour of the city. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Lovely photos Terrie - thanks for sharing them :)


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