Friday, April 13, 2012

Wool felt pouch of cotton tree 紅棉盛放的手機套

It's getting warm. Cotton tree Commen Bomhax in town or suburb are blooming. Love the strong trunk and the bright red flowers on the branches. I made a wool felt iPhone pouch with the drawing of the flower. 「 紅棉盛放, 天氣暖洋洋, 英姿勃發堪景仰.... 」 記得羅文這歌曲嗎? 木棉花很有堅強剛毅的意思, 香港市區及郊外的紅棉開得很燦爛, 我也做了一個手機套畫上紅棉. Flowers are so firm and persistent. That's symbol of resilient.
I did it with wet felt. Materials are merino wool. I found using a template of foam is much better than a bubble wrap.

Steps of making - laid the wool on the foam template and enclosed it, then rolled and rubbed. Then put the flowers on and used the massage roller rolled over the flowers. The back side is another pattern . After some times back and forth rolling and rubbing. Finished look.

The back is my initial.

Using wool for painting is my practice. Still have to do more to make delicate look.

A set of pouch - one for iPhone, one for the ear piece.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Just gorgeous, Terrie!!! You are amazing with your creations!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the lambs on the ear piece pouch. :)

  3. Once again you have made something so beautiful and so soft looking. I really love the colors.

  4. you truly are an artist with your wool, each work is a masterpiece.

  5. WOW! Lovely and so cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
    Susanne :)

  6. Be still my heart! The colors. The texture. Simply beautiful!

  7. Terrie, do you sell these? I would love one! That pouch is so beautiful.


  8. Thank you Pam, Laura, Danni, Laurie, Sausanne, Vickie and Amy. Amy, my works made you impressive is my honour.

  9. I love how you used the flowers on the pouch. It's beautiful.

  10. Terrie these are amazing! I LOVE the both of the designs.
    They have turned out beautifully even though they are so small - lovely work (as always)
    Deborah x

  11. Lovely detail Terrie. As 'painting' with wool interests you look up Andrea Hunter's xx

  12. Hi Terrie,

    Super idea and so creative your pouches are. You are so talented!


  13. Hi Terrie. Thanks for your has been corrected. Andrea's book is fantastic, interesting, informative and full of fabulous pictures. If you have any spare time on your visit to the UK, it would be lovely to meet you. x

    1. Jennytidman, you're so nice. If we can manage to meet would be a nice. My return after Portugal in mid June will be in Gloucester and London and a bit engaged. Will let you know if I'm free, Thanks.


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