Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eco print nuno felt loose blouse 植物印染 nuno felt 襯衫

A long weekend Easter holiday just started. Time for my creation. It's getting warm but wool can still be used to make summer clothing. On my morning walk yesterday I passed by a eucalyptus tree and got some windfalls. Together with some fresh bought from a florist I decided to do a loose blouse with simple nuno felt.

趁復活節長假期, 我把在路上檢拾的桉樹葉和在花店買的一起做了一件nuno felt 鬆身襯衣, 配上重新改做的腰帶, 羊毛既是冬日物料亦可作夏日輕薄衣物. Within 18 hours I done the nuno felt eco print loose blouse as well an upcyled belt.這是 "一件頭" 襯衫, 左右從腋下至衣腳祗用羊毛氈化結合, 基本上是不用針線的, 所以這是一件很簡單易做又方便的襯衫.
Steps of making :

1. I used a foam resist.

2. Folded the resist with white crincled chiffon
3. In between the folded chiffon, along with the foam resist I laid the thin merino wool along waist sides from "underarm" till the bottom then fold covered the chiffon. Scattered a little wool over the upper part. Followed by the usual rolling and fulling. This steps are rather simple and easy. Less then 30-min. I finished it.

4. I laid the eucalyptus leaves. Narrow ones were windfalls, heart shaped were from florist. Covered with plastic wrap.

Bundled and boiled for 30-min. Left in the thermo pot overnight. I was too impatient to unbundle it this morning. Should I have left it longer it might have been bolder. I'm not sure. Patience is my Achilles' heel!

Close up of prints. Some deep red on the part with wool, some light green just on the chiffon.

Front and back sides

This blouse is made of a one piece fabric with nuno felt skill. Basically not a stitch is used. Two sides are fixed with wool agitation. I just cut the neckline for slip on.

The belt is made of my son's discarded jean belt. I've the rust-dyed silk I don't like much. I wrapped and machine sewed it to a belt.

Front and back look

It's simple, it's easy to make, it's subtle, it's organic. Right? Holiday just started I've already done three pieces of eco print blouses. I'll show you bit by bit in the coming days. If you do not find being bombarded, please stay tuned.

Until next time.

Happy Easter !!


  1. Terrie, I am just in awe of your beautiful creations. I love this loose blouse.
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comment.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. This is really lovely Terrie.. so soft and feminine! I like the subtley of the colours (I would be impatient too :)
    Your upcycled belt is the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Stunning, Terrie!!! It's so pretty and feminine and you can wear it both with and without the belt... dress it up or down. I'd love for you to share this at our Women's tops link party.

  4. beautiful job! You look lovely as well!

  5. Lovely, Terrie!! And a wonderful tutorial! If you have crated 3 tops already, I can hardly wait to see what will be on these pages at the end of the Easter weekend!

  6. Your beautiful pieces are like nothing I've ever seen, so feminine and organic at the same time!

  7. You are a busy woman! I see loveliness in all that you do and see how much you love the craft you do. It shows in every piece of fabric you touch with loving hands. I am sure it is always a treat when you walk out the door in something new you have created.
    Happy Easter holiday!
    Susanne :)

  8. oh this is just beautiful terri :) and i share that lack of patience too - sometimes it's just to hard to resist! can't wait to see the others you have made :)

  9. How pretty, Terrie!! You have a special talent for garments!!

  10. So beautiful! I love that you get your inspiration from nature!

  11. Hi Terrie,

    The blouse is gorgeous! I love how pretty it looks on you.

    Happy Easter!


  12. I love the fact that the blouse has style yet it is loose and looks very comfortable. Very nice!


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