Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Easter from Russian dolls 針氈俄羅斯娃娃

Weeks ago my niece J forwarded me the needle felt Russian dolls pic and asked if I could do it and wanted to learn. Although I’m not keen on needle felt such cute little things. I said I’d try after my girl’s wedding. The wedding just taken brilliantly last Sunday. The day before I spent a night to make these dolls. 早前我的外甥女問我會否製作或教她做羊毛針氈俄羅斯娃娃,雖然我對針氈興趣比不上濕氈的濃厚, 我說待女兒婚禮完成有空我會嘗試,星期日溫馨的婚禮完結,現在有閑,用了一個晚上完成了幾個不同身形的娃娃,都算似似地啦,可能中間的那一個身形圓大一些會更好!?Here's the steps of making. Just needle felted two balls and embellished. It's easy but a bit tired for the repeat motion of needle felt. 製作過程不難, 可能我的針太幼, 不停拮有點累.
The pair riding in the brush. 踏著草叢花間.
These corsages of orchid for us the 4 parents ...... should have been worn in the wedding to match with the newlyweds. We forgot to put on. How absent minded ! The tray of 4 pieces are still on our table. Already over a week they are still very fresh.這漂亮的手花襟花本來是我們雙方家長在女兒婚禮配戴的, 我們竟然忘記了, 一星期了四朶蘭花依然艷麗放置桌上.

It looks pretty to go with my pastel shawl.

My nieces J & V are not only my close relatives, they’re my friends, also my ex-colleagues. They’ve sense of crafts and talented. I’m happy to interact with them to drive my creation. I like my friends’ suggestions or ideas so that I can improve myself or further explore the versatility of wool. 我喜歡我的親朋好友給我意見或點子,從而我可作多些嘗試,好與否也可一試自己的能力與技巧,這些不算很細緻的娃娃是我用心做給J & V兩姊姊,她倆不單是我的外甥,亦友亦是舊同事,她們對手工藝的興趣使我們有更多機會交流改進。

Mogi not even a glance! Mogi : "不屑一顧" !

Wish J&V like it and Happy Easter. J&V 希望你們喜愛這小東西。
This tutorial on YouTube is a good help and easy to follow

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  1. although Moji is not looking impressed I am, they are lovely, lovely flowers as well, the wedding looks like a dream come true, your daughter is a beauty.

  2. Terrie I think you are talented enough to do whatever your heart desires. The little felted dolls are so sweet. Your Mogi is beautiful cat, and once again I say your daughter is so lovely on her wedding day. All of your pictures are good memories of a happy day for your family.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Terrie, these are really cute! I tried needle felting some rabbits and they turned out to look like dogs!!! I gave up for now and may try again later. I can't believe those flowers still look so pretty after a week! (If that's the only thing you forgot during a daughters did great!)

  4. The felted dolls are adorable! There's always something that is forgotten in all the chaos of a wedding.

  5. Cute stuff make me smilling... your creation make me smile from the bottom of my are truly inspiring and a great blogger and crafter!

  6. Terrie--Nicola just told me that YOU are coming to Portugal, too!!!!!
    I am SO EXCITED!!! I can't believe that I will actually get to meet you and make felt with you!!!
    I can't tell you how happy this makes me!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! XXO--

  7. Moji is just like Sassy, hard to impress. Very cute craft.


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