Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simply Life - Food for Thought 深思的簡約生活

In office days, when I'm not engaged, I'd like to bring lunch pack. My meal can be very simple, sometimes rice, sometimes sandwich or salad. Meals going with own made culery is pleasant.

This is fried rice with some chicken fillets, pumpkin and beetroots. Healthy and nice color.

簡單的一餐, "有營有色" - 我的簡約生活Bon Appetit ! - bottom of the plate, sometimes for covering the bowl. Turnover is a picture plate.

Poppies, lavender are my favourite flowers. My painting on ceramic is not good. I can't control the color. Come out always not so bright after fired. Recently, I tried experiments of eco print/ dyeing. Thought beetroots can give brugundy color . I sliced the beetroot and boiled in a pot. So pretty color but when I soaked the fabric in, color doesn't bright as the purple beetroot, only brownish. I gave up.

Then cut the rest beetroots, pumpkin, a little ginger and some boiled chicken fillet. Put all together in a pan with little oliver oil and salt. Covered and heated for 10-min. Pour the cooked rice, stirred with an egg, that's it - a colorful bowl of rice without much seasoning. Sometimes I find myself eclectic in eating. I eat like a bird. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. Buffet is sumptuous but too much and my waste. My motto is "enough is enough".

That day after the light lunch, I promenaded along the office waterfront.

Stolled along and got some leaves with little purple rims. Wanted a go for leaves print.

Laid the leaves with other eucalyptus leaves and caps. Bundled, brought to boil and kept in the thermo pot overnight. To my surprise the green leaves gave green color and caps gave brown though not too bold. The outlines still clear.

I also put the small "round-paired" eucalyptus leaves which used to give deep red/orange color but this time only green. These leaves were stored in freezer for a month. I was wondering if the freezed leaves have any difference in eco print. Have so many queries in mind. Eco print is interesting. Sometimes pleasing outcome, sometimes daunting. Very anxious for the arrival of just ordered book "Eco Colour". Hope to find some hints and answers.

What to do with this piece? Make it a scarf or a bag with stitches outlining the leaves? Of do a nuno felt dress....... ? No idea yet. Doing something unique with hands and eco friendly is food for thought.


  1. I really like the way the greens came through on that piece of fabric. How do you clean the fabric once it is printed on? Do you have it professionally cleaned?

    I imagine you will learn a lot from the book plus your own experiments. I admire your adventurous nature!

    1. Thank you Sandee. It's easy to clean just as normal laundry. It's silk, just handwash is fine.

  2. Terrie--Sometime, you should try a little trapunto stitching with your really clear leaf prints. You could stitch a layer of fabric to the back of one section as you do your outline stitching, and then make a small slit in the backing layer and stuff a bit of wool or batting between the layers to 'puff up' the individual leaves.

    1. Very good suggestion, thanks Heather. Will certainly do the stitches as advised.

  3. No advice, as you asked for on FB ( I haven't yet done my first eco-orint..but am getting closer.) I always enjoy your posts Terrie. .and your artful approach top life-food, ceramics, eco-dyeing..eerything!

  4. I think it's lovely Terrie. I wouldn't have any idea what to do.

  5. your food looks delicous and I just love you pottery dishes and the mug for your tea in the other post, they are amazingly beautiful.
    I'm sure the right answer will cometo you as to what to do with this lovely peice.


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