Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eco print and stitches 剌繡環保袋

Yesterday I stayed in the stadio, just for a relax
overnight doing some stitches.This eco printed fabric with maple leaves I made weeks ago. It's two-fold of same patterns on both sides.

I did randam stitches along the outline of leaves.

Just done one side.

I also done a few pieces of book marks with eucalyptus leaves prints.

Woke up in a fine Sunday morning, I went to the beach outside the studio for a walk.

Crystal clear water but only a few people.

In the beach there're some pretty flowers and plants but I'm not sure if eco prints can be done. Sometimes I tried but outsome is daunting. I just ordered the book "Eco Colour" which is very informative for eco dyeing / print.

In noon time, I was eager to back home for the bag making. Just sewed the bag with lining and inner pocket.

It can be used for carrying small stuff, like my wool and tool kit to the studio.

This is a very simple bag with everything DIY with hands. People asked if I'd sell my stuff, like fabric bags or sorts of wool stuff. Friends also encouraged me to launch my brand. Well, frankly I'm not up to scratch. If chances come I may sell my stuff but now only for leisure or giveaway.
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  1. I love this bag Terrie. How beautiful and so creative. Fabulous photos too.

  2. such beautiful photos terrie, this echo bag is just amazing, I think you should consider selling your work it truly is amazing!

  3. Terrie I love the stitching around the leaves.. it enhances them just enough without overpowering them - lovely! And your bookmarks are simply beautiful!!

    Looks like a nice day on the beach.. wish we lived closer to a beach

  4. beautiful bag. love your stitching and how you put it together.

  5. This bag is so simple and yet so lovely. I love the earthy colors.

  6. This is gorgeous, Terrie. I love the stitching on the leaves, as it really makes them stand out. I'm sure there would be a market for your work if you decided to sell.

  7. You never cease to amaze me!! It is so beautiful where you live. All of your projects capture that beauty so magically. You are incredible!!

  8. you're living such a wonderfull life, it is quiet, peacefull and goes along with your enviroment and your work. Love to look at this and to read it <3

  9. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you just stitched some of the leaves!


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