Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thoughtfulness 細緻心意

MaryL and Laurie are artists of US and Canada respectively. Their works are amazing. I'm a follower of their inspiring blogs. MaryL lives on a sailboat. Her posts of living aboard are interesting. She designs wonderful wire art seahorses with nature elements. Makes polymer clay sculptures and pretty little books.

We read each other's blog and interacted for some time. Yesterday I received a surprise package. A pretty little book "Under the sea" from MaryL.

This little long book is of many colorful and lovely underwater creatures. The book is of educational and pretty drawings of living things under the water. See the bright fishes and funny turtle and colorful seahorses meet and greet..... Looking at this little book reminds my kids bedside story..... long long time ago !

Laurie's paintings are masterpieces. I love her water color sketches, particularly birds and animals. Just a few brushes speak themselves "wonderful" ! She has vision loss but her art keeps brighter. She's so kind to send me a print of her painting of birch with birds. Love the trunk textures and the little sweet bird. Thank you MaryL and Laurie. Your gifts are keepsakes for our friendship.


  1. I am so so happy you are pleased Terrie!! I had such joy sending it to you :))) This is my most favorite of my little books, I just can't get enough of seahorses!

    That painting of Laurie's is gorgeous!!! I'm originally from upstate New York and my most favorite trees are the birch...they are stunningly beautiful in the Fall colors but especially when the branches are bare. This painting takes me home :)

    1. MaryL, your works are always inspiring and stunning. Love reading it.

  2. What fun to connect with creative people in this manner.

  3. Terrie, what wonderful gifts from your creative friends. I am going to go over and visit their blogs.


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