Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fulfilling holiday from South to North 從南到北的充實假期

The festive season is almost over but I'm still on holiday till 2 Jan and really enjoying so much. All days packed with ideas. Have made a few things. This is one of it - a wool felt covered journal with leaves print. 這個假期忙而充實, 從港島南到新界北, 遊山玩水, 拾葉子作植物印染嘗試己是郊遊的指定動作. 這本子的書皮就是以 nuno felt+植物印染的製作. The fruitful thing is picked some eucalyptus leaves and maple leaves. Since hooked to fabric arts/crafts, eco-print is my latest hobby. Indeed Hong Kong has many eucalyptus and maples but not allowed to pluck. So I can only pick up on the road. The just fallen leaves by strong wind are treasure.
Please join my scenic rides from the south to the north of Hong Kong these days.

On the chilly Christmas day hubby and I went up the steep trail behind my apartment across the valley down to the other side - Aberdeen.

Up and down for 45-min, it's easy for me as I'm quite fit for hiking!!

After cement pavement then stoned path.

The Aberdeen Reservior (water supply for the south) and the dam.

When there're lots of rains water will flow from the dam now almost draught.

Passed through the reservior we're in Aberdeen waterfront. This narraw channel with busy sampans and fishing boats. Sampans are typical for tourist around the harbour.

We're heading to the Deep Water Bay by the scenic promedade facing the South China Sea.

On the Christmas day people were in high time celebrating with BBQ and dancing on the waterfront.

Next we're in the Repulse Bay where the sand is fine and the beach is a

must-see spot for tourists.

I wrapped my day by taking a 10-min bus ride from Repulse Bay to my Stanley studio. Glittering at dusk.

Next day I went with mother to Yuen Long - the further north of Hong Kong. We strolled along a stream. This area recalled my mother's tough childhood days in the 30's. We passed by a village, there's still a very old typical bricks school but abandoned.

We climbed up this tower to have a bird's eye around.

Yuen Long in the old days was a farmland with rice paddies but now only high rises and no more farming.

The remote visible buildings are of China boundary.

These maple leaves were picked in the Yuen Long Park. I just known there're quite some maple trees in Hong Kong. I can't resist not to do the eco print.

I got a complimentary note pad from hotel. I made a nuno felt white wool then wrapped some maple leaves and eucalyptus leaves. Rolled and steamed. Covered the black cover. Got this look.

Referred by James to the blog of Cassandra of leave print on paper. I followed to make a piece. Result is great and easy. I put the print as the inside cover. This is what I made.

I also have done other piece of wool felt scarf with some leaves print. Effect is yummy. Will share in the next post.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of Hong Kong. I especially like the one taken at dusk. The note book covers look great.

  2. What a lovely holiday! Enjoy your time off and all of the creating it will allow you to do!!
    (Soon, you will be teaching eco-printing all over the world!)

  3. I love your felt projects Terrie. You are one talented and creative lady. Thanks for all your support and kind comments. I don't get around as much as I would like to, but do know you are appreciated! Happy New year to you my friend!

  4. Thanks for the tour of Hong Kong Terrie. Your note book covers are beautiful.
    Hoping you have many creative days in 2012.

  5. What a wonderful post and your new journal cover is gorgeous! I love all the orangeish coloring.
    Thanks for the wonderful tour!!

    PS...I need your address Terrie, I can't quite make out some of the handwritten address on the package you sent my book in (I just did a post about your book :)... could you e-mail it to me? Thanks! :)

  6. I really have enjoyed your posts, and viewing your work as it evolves. The tour was very interesting.

  7. The book looks great, Terriea. I love how you picked up so quickly on Cassandra Tondro's techniques with paper. It is a marvelous print. You are moving along so fast now, and I see great things in your future. Best wishes for the New Year.

  8. I loved my visit to Hong Kong , just before the British left. Would love to visit again.xWhat a lovely walk thanks for the memories.x loved the bookx hope you had a great Christmasxxlynda

  9. Terrie, I just love your eco-prints. Everything you've posted is gorgeous, from the views of Hong Kong to the beautiful notebook! Thanks so much for sharing at Happy Hour Projects!


  10. Lovely pictures - thank you for taking us along with you. I am going to have to try the leaf prints on paper! You've inspired me!
    I hope you have a blessed New Year,


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