Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eco leaves prints comparison 植物印染效果比較

Done a few pieces of eucalyptus leaves prints for comparison. They're yummie color. I done on a wool felt scarf, a nuno felt book cover and a box (the box is a kind of very special material!). I don't know the proper breeds of these eucalyptus leaves. Just found two of these are very good on wool. I also put a few maple leaves but effect is not that sharp . The "heart" shape and the "willow" shape leaves give bold and bright red (or brownish) on wool.

Love the come out on wool felt scarf.

Compare the two pieces, the left wool felt scarf got bold color and the right silk scarf got pale red. Both are good to my expectation.

Mobi, "hey, what's up? Can you do something for me?"

Fresh Eucalyptus leaves on the box also bold. I made this felted box with my Tiger's ......... Don't feel weird.

Tiger was my cat for only 4.5 years old. Since he's a baby I combed his hair and kept for doing something with wool felt skill. Though he's no more with us, he's always in our mind. It's good to have something as a keepsake.


  1. Very resourceful using Tiger's fur and now you have something to always remind you of him.

  2. beautiful work and love the box and no it is not weird at at all.xx lynda

  3. Again, lovely work, Terriea! Loved the Tiger story, heartwarming. The prints from the Eucalyptus turned out great and the scarves are beautiful.

  4. Those are amazing Terrie. Beautiful work as always. Happy New year to you!

  5. beautiful felting, you are such a talent.
    What a wonderfulway to keep a bit of tiger's memory with you, best wishes to you my dear friend, Happy New Year to you!

  6. Who would think that those beautiful green leaves would turn red? Such pretty creations!

    I like the idea of using the cat hair. It will be even more special to you now.

  7. Terrie--What a sweet idea, using your beloved Tiger's hair that way!
    I really love the wool eco-dyed's lovely.
    Happy New Year!! XXO-

  8. Terrie, your scarves are lovely. What a nice idea to use Tigers fur to make a keepsake of him.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  9. Your felting work is amazing, as always! I love reading about Tiger too.
    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Hope your new year will be wonderful and fabulous!!!
    Much love, LS

  10. What a beautiful way to start the New year reading this delightful and impressive blog post, Terrie! How marvelous to have saved Tiger's fur and made that sweet and special box. And, I love seeing the lay out on the felted scarf and the results. Hopefully, this will be the month I start following in you footsteps and use eco dyeing in my felting. Happy new year!

  11. Thank you all my dear. Your sweet comments lifted my spirit. Wish you all another successful year 2012 !

  12. Terrie your eucalyptus prints are wonderful! It is amazing to see such lovely reds coming from green leaves.. xx


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