Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hidden gems of Hong Kong

My morning walk around studio on a fine Sunday. It's a family day and kids' playing rugby in a Stanley school field. Playing sands are always kids' favorite.

A path leading up is a Military cemetery of the early British coloniel era for the members of garrison and their families. A dignified rest place.

Preconception that Hong Kong is just for shopping and eating. Apart from the hustle and brustle city life, it is a trove of hidden gems. This part is Tai Tam Tuk, a village only 30-min bus ride from downtown. Its tranquility
is totally different from the vibrant city. The pictures speak themselves.

This is not a fishing village. Boats on shore only.

Birds are common found here.

Surrounded by lushed hills.

Village houses

Somes houses are abandoned and closed

A place good for fishing. Any gains?

Caught a few small fishes

This weekend I gained. I played with Wensleydale fleece. Love sheep. Love the smell. A peek for it. Will share in the coming days. Hope you will return to see my "woolly woolly".


  1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely part of your world. Your photos are fantastic. Even though it looked like a gray day, you managed to catch the essence of the village.

  2. what a beautiful village the Herons are lovely, what a beautiful serene surroundings, I can't wait to see the wooly wooly!

  3. Thanks for sharing your hidden gems. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Look forward to seeing your wooly wooly.

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos. It's great to see places from the perspective of someone who actually lives there. Tai Tam Tuk village is so picturesque.

  5. Terrie, I love your peek into Hong Kong. What an exotic and far away place from Southern California. Thank you for the tour. I can't wait to see what you do with your Wensleydale :o)
    x, Val

  6. Hog Kong looks so beautiful Terrie. I think it is neat that we have friends from all over the World that share their cultures and sites. Thank you, and I will miss you at the newbie party, but congratulations on your milestone.

  7. Hi Terrie,

    Great pictures! I loved seeing the birds and the mountains and the fishing boats.

    Hong Kong is very beautiful.


  8. Thanks for showing us around Terrie :) I enjoyed looking at your photos, amazing how different it is such a short distance outside the city


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